What do Nike, Adidas, Titan, Madura, Arvind Brand, William Penn, and Swaroski have in Common?

If your guess is that they all are retailer then you are close but not right. Here is the answer you were looking for, they all use Wooqer for their retail operations. If you are a retail head of a retail giant, then I don’t need to talk about how important retail operations is for profitability of stores.

Wooqer is a web based platform that provides a set of building blocks which business users can put together to create solutions for their day to day execution needs ‘within minutes’.

You can disseminate, assimilate and structure information with outof-box Mobility, Analytics and Social. Enablers in form of Reminders, Notifications, Milestones and Handovers amongst others, ensure timely closures and interventions. The underlying Wooqer Analytics Engine brings back measures to ensure loop closure.

APIs allow information to come in from or be consumed by any other systems. An engaging, integrated platform that brings multiple programs together on a common mobile + browser enabled interface delivers great adoption.

A Wooqer Possibility

“How do I reduce time and effort required for implementing VM standards for multiple concepts across stores, and ensure consistency across stores?”

This was the question that the VM head at this Larger format retailer had in mind, when he first heard of Wooqer. Since then company has implemented an extremely robust Visual Merchandising program for the company.

All VM guidelines are uploaded on Wooqer and made available to VM reps and regional teams within minutes. They access them through the PC or even from their mobile while on the shop floor. As they complete the implementation, pictures for the respective window, concept or category get submitted to the respective Regional Managers who review all pictures against a standardized checklist, that’s evolving with time. As they provide feedback and rate pictures, a VM Scorecard is automatically generated. This scorecard is a base for appraisals for all.

As the team got started on Wooqer they achieved 74% compliance across stores with the first quarter with each store undergoing an average of 1 review/ month. 18 months hence, they consistently see 100% compliance and stores are going through an average of 2.1 reviews/ month. All this while savings effort worth USD 15000 / year.

Their idea, their execution, their success, with a little help from Wooqer!