GoI to give higher remuneration than what 7th Pay Commission prescribed

In a sharp turn of events, the Government of India has decided to give a higher pay as compared to what was recommended by the seventh pay commission. Indeed the recommendation of the seventh pay commission was not considered really attractive by most government employees, considering the inflation and salary hikes given in the private sector. This will lower the gap of pay and benefits.According to news, the highest salary for any government employee in India is likely to be fixed at Rs. 2,70,000, which is around twenty thousand more than the previously suggested upper limit; while the lowest salary is likely to be fixed at Rs. 21,000, which is rupees three thousand higher than the lower suggested limit by the seventh pay commission.

The committee is also likely to propose a higher fitment factor of 3 for all central government employees, unlike the previously proposed fitment factor of 2.57 to 2.81, which was not having its desired effect in terms of boosting employee morale.

Subject to acceptance by the competent authority in the central government of India, these pay scales will be effective from January 1, 2016 for all central government employees.