Why you should be shifting to an Agile framework

Most of the IT Project implementations fail to realise their planned objective. Further during the course of development, IT projects fail in meeting their deadlines in budget and timeline. However, challenges in such projects can be met with the Agile methodology of project development and management.

What is interesting in such a context is that major reasons of software failure can be attributed not to the technical challenges but to the process and management related challenges. One needs to realise that business entities have no interest in software projects, but have immense stake in problem solutions. It is the engagement with the stakeholders that actually drive value for the businesses.

However not all service providers have the understanding of technology and business alignment, and how it creates value for the service consumer. Indeed the lack of alignment is due to inputs from the stakeholder which is addressed during the systems development and deployment. Consecutively there is a lack of buy in from the key stake-holders. This is what Agile methodologies attempt to address and help buy in stakeholders for the project implementation.

Some of the benefits of this approach are as follows.

  1. Reduced cycle time and improved productivity with fewer people means lower costs.
  2. Time-box approach mitigates cost and schedule risk.
  3. Customer involved throughout the complete cycle minimizes risk of not achieving customer satisfaction and business needs.
  4. Focus moves from documentation to code.
  5. Uses modeling concepts to capture information about business, data, and processes.

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Do let us know if you need any information related to the agile methodologies and how they may be suitably implemented to drive value for your business.