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What are Smart Cities – A Scientific Perspective through Infographics

Smart city innovations are new approaches to holistic management of cities’ physical, socio-economic, environmental, transportation and political assets across all urban domains, typically supported by ICT and open data. The role of technology and the governance of the same is increasingly becoming a challenge that needs to be addressed. In fact, cities can evolve into smart cities only if they become more sustainable, and improve quality of life and economic performance. This can be facilitated through the use of smarter technology. Further to achieve this objective, this requires a shared vision of all stake holders like citizens, public and private organizations and many others. Continue reading “What are Smart Cities – A Scientific Perspective through Infographics”


Sustainable Business Models – Infographic

In this digiotal economy, we are witnessing a plethora of startups which are banking on the blossoming economy and trying to create value for the ecosystem. But not many of these entrepreneural ventures are able to make it big, in the days to come. So what could be the issues surrounding sustainability of business models?

Continue reading “Sustainable Business Models – Infographic”

Comparison of Mobile vs Desktop Computing – An Infographic

In recent times, mobile commerce has changed the way computing resources are accessed by the common man. Further it has enabled the reach of resources like access to commodities, financial products and services and other infomediaries, to improve the lives of people who otherwise were on the ill fated side of the digital divide. Continue reading “Comparison of Mobile vs Desktop Computing – An Infographic”

Impact of Color in Branding – Infographic

The impact of colors in branding and very specifically in understanding the brand personality type has been highly explored in consumer behavior literature. It is interesting to know that brands and their personality have very strong linkages to specific colors and this is encountered and professed while designing all communication channels of the brand including that of the web. Continue reading “Impact of Color in Branding – Infographic”

12 Master Data Management (MDM) Cloud Words Infographic

Master Data Management is increasingly becoming the buzz word in the information management industry.  No wonder it is witnessing so much of traction from among the private players. There are numerous case studies which portray the success stories surrounding Master Data Management Programs for Effective Data Governance. There are further numerous success stories of organization turnarounds. In this article, we provide some infographic cloud words which we created surrounding the domain of MDM implementations. Continue reading “12 Master Data Management (MDM) Cloud Words Infographic”

IT Case Study – Master Data Management Solutions by OmniSys.

A retail supplier and buyer of neuro-surgical and bio-medical equipment with a growing customer base, product lines, partners and vendors has a strange problem. It was suddenly realised while the greatest assets for the firm were their commitment to delivering quality, continual improvement of existing product and service lines and the employees who ensure this strategy gets implemented in totality, the data assets or the information assets which the firm had, were not really conducive to such a plan for achieving excellence.The company needed a 360-degree view of its core information asset entities surrounding its business, its transactional information surrounding such entities, and integrated data for business analytics. The inability to get this critical information was prolonging customer service time and product management time, affecting overall time to market products and thus the bottom-line. Continue reading “IT Case Study – Master Data Management Solutions by OmniSys.”

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Infographics

The Systems (or Software) Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a domain of competency used in systems engineering, information systems and software engineering to describe a process for planning, creating, testing, and deploying an information system. In this article, we share many of the nice infographics that gives an overview of the domain and its different constituents. Continue reading “System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Infographics”