Infographic – Advertisement Billboards

Advertisement billboards are a great way to attract attention and visibility. While marketing through offline channels they offer a huge impact through customer visibility. Further brand awareness and recognition is also positively impacted through such Advertisement Billboards.In this infographic, produced by Wally Tomaszek, a lot of comparative information is provided on the impact of such billboards. Wally Tomaszek is a General Manager at Sign A Rama Toronto.

In his own words “I regularly write about marketing and on my travels I became fascinated with Times Square  and Piccadilly Circus. The amount of billboards in these areas is astonishing and they both draw an incredible amount of tourists on a daily basis. I wanted to know how these places have become advertising Meccas and find out why they are so appealing to millions of visitors every year. It was fascinating to read about the history of the areas, and I was surprised to find out that Times Square was previously called Longacre Square before the New York  Times paper moved their headquarters to the area in 1904. It costs up to 4 million a year of you want to purchase a small neon billboard in Times Square but when the footfall exceeds the total amount of visitors to all the Disney Parks worldwide, it might be worth the investment. Billboard are similarly expensive in Piccadilly Circus.”