10 Amazing Google Chrome Experiments You Need to Try Right Now

If you are not new to the Web, Google Chrome must definitely be familiar to you. Even if you prefer another browser, Chrome is still something you are must have heard of. It certainly made its name among other browsers. Now it is closely connected with words “evolution” and “progress”.


The Web Google Chrome experiments were originally created to test JavaScript abilities and the browser’s performance, but this soon developed into a project with more than a thousand amazing open-source apps that are based on technologies like JavaScript, SVG, HTML5, CSS, and more.

At the present moment, there are more than a thousand of various Chrome Web experiments. Most of them are fun games but some do have an educational or aesthetic value. You can learn more on the official website as well as try them out there, but now we suggest you checking out some of the most interesting applications.

1) Geo Guesser

An unusual game that not only lets you have fun, but also tests your knowledge of geography. Are you ready to prove it? Via Google Street Viewer, you find yourself in a random place and have to try to guess the location and show it on the map. The closer your guess is to the correct place, the more scores you get. If you think that it is simple, you will soon realize that a lot of parts of the world look alike, so the task turns out to be quite challenging.

Warning: this game is hugely addictive, so beware!

2) The Searching Planet

This is an interesting experiment, designed by Google together with Japanese scientists. It uses data from all over the planet to show top search requests. In your browser, you will see a 3D model of the Earth, which displays new search trends. If you are interested to know what people are looking for across the globe, you will find this exciting!

This experiment also has the VR version. This makes an amazing experience itself even more fantastic.

3) Google Gravity

This search engine trick is meant obviously for nothing but fun. Just a few clicks – and you will see your search results along with all the Google buttons falling down to the bottom of the page. It can be even more fun! Give yourself two minutes of laugh and try this trick on some of your friends who is not very experienced in using Internet. Just watch them thinking that they broke the Google’s website!

4) Globe

And after you have already laughed quite a lot, here is another project for you to educate yourself. Here you see a model of Earth, on which you can observe various information. It can be about the amount of population in different countries, volcanic eruptions, network traffic, and even the location of your Instagram followers. This project allows you to store almost any information. Data is connected to a geographical location or a certain time.

5) 100, 000 Stars

This spectacular experiment has been created by The Google Data Arts Team. Being an interactive 3D map, it shows real locations of over a hundred thousand stars of the Milky Way. It is built on the data from ESA, NASA and Bright Star Catalog. You can also view the eighty-seven major stars in our solar system as well as read some information about them. The experience of seeing the entire Milky Way galaxy is just amazing!

6) Webcam Toy

Do you enjoy webcam experiments? Maybe you use your cam to make a photo for your user avatar or you just like to have fun from time to time, making funny faces? Webcam toy will definitely be useful and interesting for you – it lets you use live effects on your pictures through your Web browser. And you can have fun taking photos and sharing them in social networks.

7) Kandinsky

One more educational project – an experiment that is a part of the Google’s Chrome Music Lab. It is aimed to teach users (especially children) more about music – harmonics, compositions, and a lot of other things related to it. Kandinsky is extremely interesting because it unites art and music. User draws something on a canvas, presses a Play button, and the app converts the drawing into music! Certain symbols can make different sound, so it is a wide field to explore!

8) Spell Up with Google

Here is an excellent way to learn the correct spelling of the words in a fun and interactive way. It will be interesting for kids as well as helpful in their educational process. This experiment also includes a dictionary to explain the meaning of new words and translate a word into any language.

9) The Wilderness Downtown

And again, another marvelous artwork. This is a short film that is created by Google Creative Lab, and it is quite different from any other short films. The video is being shown in different windows so that it flows together. The experiment uses Google Maps API along with Google Street View and shows images of user’s neighborhood. That really makes you feel connection with the film.

10) Interstellar Endurance Exploration

There probably are very little people who have missed a popular science fiction movie Interstellar. If you have also seen it, you should remember an Endurance ship from this movie, and if it is interesting for you to see and learn more of it, you will find this experiment interesting. Move around the Endurance ship and explore it beyond what was displayed in the movie. This experiment is a product of a collaboration of Warner Bros, Xymatic, and AvatarLabs.


So, you probably already know that Google Chrome would be one of the best tools to surf the Web. Whether you need to know a forecast for tomorrow, want to order pizza, or have a deadline coming and would like to place an order at essayontime AU, using Chrome is a good idea. But now that we have told you about some of the Google Experiments, you have another way to have fun with it. What we mentioned is just a part of the great variety of exciting experiments – you still have a lot to explore, so feel free to learn more!