5 Tech Tools to Strengthen Your Family Bond

While most people see new products developed in this day and age as tools to meet new people or improve one’s productivity, some of these can also help families bridge the gap that exists among siblings, between parents and their children, or among different units in an extended family. Check out some of the best tech tools that can help bring your family closer together.

  1. BAND Group Communication App

Most people associate group communication apps with professional groups, gaming clans, or fandom communities. However, a family can also be considered a group. It is, in fact, the most basic social organization in any modern society, so why shouldn’t it benefit from an app designed to connect  people with common denominators?

In fact, a group communication app is actually one of the best tech tools you can have to strengthen your family’s relationship. BAND’s customized chat rooms allow family members to talk to each other in real time wherever they are, and members can use their nicknames for a more casual, “at home” feel. Its other features include polls, calendar, file sharing, and the ability to create aliases for other groups outside of your family.

  1. Google Apps

Yes, we’re talking about the collection of apps often used for more professional purposes. Sure, Google Docs are great for creating presentations or reports, but they can also be just as useful for making an itinerary for your family’s next great road trip.

Use Google Maps to find attractions on the way and near your target destinations, and store pictures in a family-exclusive folder via Google Drive. You can even have a spreadsheet that each family member can access and fill out to gather suggestions and opinions about the trip.

  1. Nintendo Switch

Earlier this year, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch and people didn’t have a hard time seeing its potential as a device to bring family members closer together. Unlike other handheld gaming devices before it, it’s actually possible for two players to play using a single Nintendo switch. Buy two of them and your family can have four-player gaming sessions and have a good time!

Another nifty feature of the Nintendo Switch is its all-new parental controls. This allows parents to know if their children are playing (and if they can join in on the fun), limit playtime for a more balanced playing habit, and even choose games that would be appropriate for all members of the family.

  1. WordPress

People are familiar with old family albums, so why not take advantage of the Internet to make a digital one? WordPress remains one of the most customizable blog-hosting platforms, making it easy to make an online album with your family’s unique theme.And even if you’re not the artistic kind, you can easily find thousands of WordPress templates to choose from.

Another great thing about WordPress is that it’s easy to integrate album updates to your social media pages. Just share a link for each album entry in your personal page, and share your latest family bonding experiences with friends and relatives.

  1. Mobile Hotspot

Even the most exciting family trips can get boring, especially when the destination is hours away or if traffic is slowing you down. Boredom is a real momentum-killer and can even make family members hate the idea of going on other trips in the future. Giving them internet access through a mobile hotspot device should keep them busy during those lulls of excitement.

You have to remember, though, that too much access to mobile internet is a thing. Family members might just end up just surfing the web instead of actually bonding with you. If you think you can do away with Internet access for some quality bonding time, feel free to deactivate your mobile hotspot device (and save battery power in case of emergency).

Technology isn’t just for getting work done and forming connections with other people. Sometimes, you just want to use these wonderful tools to nurture bonds that are already there.