What Does an Aerospace Engineer Do?

The aerospace industry is probably one of the most regulated and complex industries out there, for both industry workers and those interested in starting a career. The salaries on offer are excellent for an aerospace engineer and everyone knows employees in the industry work with aircraft and the like, but what do their tasks involve on a day to day basis?

Research & Development

Engineers don’t always have a physical hands-on experience when it comes to the development process of any products they design. They are usually required to research in detail to see what products and materials are best suited to get the outcome desired. This is usually the first point of call for a typical aerospace engineer, although that can change greatly, depending on the sector they work in. Without research, aerospace PCB engineers wouldn’t have a clue where to start when it comes to the development process of a specific aircraft/product.

Aerospace Engineers Help Design Various Aircraft & Missiles

Aerospace Engineers typically help design aircraft, but they’re also required to design spacecraft, satellites, missiles, and other similar objects. That is the primary role but, of course, there’s much more to their daily tasks than just the design process. They’ll often have to give out advice and work in teams to come up with the best solutions to certain problems. Usually, aerospace engineers have the experience to make products much better than originally planned.

Engineers Test Prototypes

Testing various prototypes is also a key role played by an aerospace engineer. Whatever object is being designed, it always needs to go through a prototype stage before it can be built for professional use. Engineers will always test these prototypes to see what can be changed to improve them, or what needs to be looked at again to see if there are any alternative ways of getting the same outcome by using different materials that cost less. The testing stage is very detailed and it requires those with a keen eye for detail to ensure the products do what they’re supposed to.

How Much Does an Aerospace Engineer Earn?

Engineers in the aerospace industry are on a median salary of $109,650 (as of May 2016) per year. Of course, this can change greatly depending on the sector they’re working in. It can also change further depending on whether they are serving a public or private entity. Either way, aerospace engineers are well-rewarded for their knowledge and it’s an industry that’s growing all the time, which makes it a career worth considering by anyone.

Aerospace engineers usually work for governments as part of military defense projects, to design and develop objects that can improve a country’s defense. However, they’re also heavily relied upon to come up with developments to further a country’s economy as far as new technology is concerned. If you’re interested in becoming an aerospace engineer, you’ll benefit from an excellent salary, great working environments, and a chance to make a change so far as new developments are concerned.