Best Drones of 2018

Drones have become part and parcel of a technology geek’s collection. And they have rapidly joined the collection of many other non-tech-geeks too over recent years. In fact, in the US alone last year, the Federal Aviation Administration reported the registration of 600,000 drones. They predict that there will be around one million drones sold over the 2018 Christmas period too. With hundreds to choose from, we’re all spoiled for choice. So, what are the best drones of 2018?

  1. Syma X5SC

If you’re on a budget, the Syma X5SC is definitely the drone for you. It provides HD video footage and photographs, and is one of the most robust drones of this price range. It won’t easily break due to the well-structured frame, but it only gives you eight minutes of flying time. However, something always has to give when you get a price this good.

The Syma also takes two hours to re-charge, but overall, it is a genuinely good drone for those on a budget, or first-timers. We would recommend this drone in particular for those heading on a short trip abroad who want to capture cool holiday photos for their return home.

  1. DJI Phantom 4

DJI is one of the best drone companies out there – and you know you’re getting a good drone with DJI. However, this reputable drone brand also comes with a hefty price, so you’ll have to be crazy about your drones and tech if you’re considering purchasing the Phantom 4.

Reaching speeds of up to 45mph, the DJI Phantom 4 is a special drone indeed. It can also reach up to four miles above sea level and can be switched to a multitude of different modes, including a sport mode. Perhaps one of the best things about this drone is the 28 minutes of flying time you get with a reasonable charging time of one hour and fifteen minutes. This is great considering the superb battery the Phantom 4 comes with.

The camera on the Phantom 4 is also virtually unrivalled – and flawless. It has a 4K video capture and the photos are of high quality. We think this drone is an investment for a good chunk of time, so bear it in mind if you’re experienced and love your technology in 2018.

  1. Hubsan H107C+ HD

If you’re buying a drone for children or young teenagers, this Hubsan drone is the one for you. It is a ‘mini drone’ and comes without the weighing price tag of other drones on the market. After all, you’d hate to spend hundreds only for it to get broken after hitting a wall.

This drone does not have the same qualities of camera, altitude and resistance as other, pricier, drones. But it does have a 720p camera, complete with a fair range too. While you only get seven minutes of flying time and 40 minutes of charging time, it’s a worthy investment as a little present for your loved younger ones.

We do think that the Hubsan is worth a spot on our best drones of 2018 for its convenience and price.

  1. Parrot Disco FPV

This funkily-named drone is just fantastic for a fascinating drone experience. You will not have a drone like this one anywhere else. And it’s worth every penny.

The Disco can reach speeds of 50mph (excellent for a drone) and has 45 minutes of flying time. The only drawback is the range of one mile, but this is easily forgotten about when you hear about the VR-incorporated part of the drone.

A pair of VR goggles come with the Parrot and you can watch the live video footage of your drone in the air through the glasses. The controller allows you to steer the drone wherever you want, all while you’re watching through the VR element of this drone. We think it’s genius – and so should you.

  1. GoPro Karma

This new and improved GoPro drone is great for novice and intermediate drone users. You have a 4K video and 12MP image capability on the Karma. It also comes with the GoPro Hero 6 action camera, which is a pretty awesome addition to the package seeing as this camera is truly one of the best of its kind.

While the GoPro Karma is on the pricy side, it’s worth the money. However, if you’re on a budget, you can find similar drones for quite a few hundred pounds cheaper.

After all of this, you may be wondering how to build a drone. And you never know – maybe yours will be one of the best of 2019.

Authored By Lauren E. White


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