What You Should Do After A Car Workshop Mishap

We all know that accidents happen, despite taking care and having a safe working environment, if there is a workplace accident, here are some steps that you can take to reduce the risk of a repeat incident.

  1. Health & Safety Assessment – A workshop incident doesn’t automatically mean your health & safety systems are incomplete; hooking up with the right HR agency will bring many benefits to your business. PPE should be in place with an adequate supply to ensure your workers have access and compliance with the many health & safety rules and regulations is virtually assured when you have HR support for the automotive industry.
  2. Professional Risk Assessment- When a workshop incident occurs, this is a time to review every aspect of health & safety and when you have automotive human resources support UK or your country relies on from a leading agency, you will be guided on assessing every aspect of your workshop activities. They have the experience in health & safety and with an agency that works in the automotive sector, you are in good hands.
  3. Review The Incident – Of course, you should carry out a thorough review of the incident to determine the cause and take what steps you can to minimise the risk of a repeat incident. If you join forces with a leading HR support provider, they can help you identify areas that need improvement. This should include a general staff meeting when you can review together and brainstorm ways to reduce the risk of accidents in the workshop. Take a look at the CCTV footage, which may help you identify variables and if there were witnesses, get their testimony, which should be filed for future reference.
  4. Setting Clear Employment Policies- If you have not yet set clear terms & conditions for your employees, this can lead to conflict and this is one area that the automotive HR agency can help. Benefit from the years of hands-on experience in helping car repair businesses set clear employment terms and conditions that promote a happy workforce. If there are any worker conflicts, you benefit from the best legal advice and should one of your ex-employees take you to court, you have legal representation.
  5. Learn From Mistakes Made -We all make mistakes and when we do, it is an opportunity to learn. Once you investigate that latest incident and determined the factors that led up to the accident, you can make some positive changes to reduce the risk of a further incident. Some professional advice regarding accident review is always welcome and with their help, you can make your workshop a safer place. Keeping accurate accident records is another requirement that your HR agency partner can take care of.

It makes total sense to enlist the help of a leading HR agency that works with the auto repair business, as they can handle every aspect of your HR needs, ensuing a safe workplace and happy employees.