WordPress Blogging through a Mobile App

Let us try something different today.  what if we could understand the nuances of Technology discussions true dictation through mobile app. Even as we speak here I am trying to portray a blog post by dictating it on the WordPress app which is available in the Android store. Sounds fascinating right I am sure you would like to try blogging by dictating on the mobile it is so much more easier to do it than by typing on keyboard at the desktop or at a laptop.
The fun part is not because it is interesting to do at gives more thought to your action. It is more convenient and that is why it will help many bloggers who are in desperate need of time and time becomes most valuable resource for them. Given time they can produce a lot of articles which can become very valuable resources on the Internet but since they have a paucity for time,  sitting down at a desktop does not really become viable. However this way one can really keep on blogging is there when engaged in some other activity during the toilet periods early morning or while cooking. Why don’t you give it a shot let us know how can we need to feel blogging through the wordpress app and creating a blog solely by dictating to your mobile phone. Indeed the miracles of speech Technology  are pushing the frontiers of convenience of using applications and emergence softwares to the sky where we make it possible even for the common man with less access ok training to technology to use in properly to a satisfaction level.