Myths about Tax Refunds

When you think of April, do you feel a fondness for warmer weather and flowers, or do you feel a sense of dread for the tax deadline? It seems like a lot of people these days focus too much on the negative aspects of filing their taxes. Some of them think about it so much that they forget to appreciate the return of spring. It probably doesn’t help that taxes are in the news due to elected officials who want to lower taxes even though the United States has one of the lowest tax burdens in the developed world.

It’s not surprising that people have such a negative reaction to tax season. There are, after all, a lot of myths that cloud how they think about their taxes. For instance, you may assume that it’s impossible to fill out your tax documents accurately without help from an accountant. The truth is that you can use mobile apps to get your maximum refund without spending hours filling out paper forms. Using the iPad Pro’s large screen makes the task even easier, since the Retina display’s high resolution will help you read directions and submit accurate numbers.

You don’t have to keep falling for tax myths that make you dread spring’s arrival. Check out these three tax refund myths so faulty thinking won’t affect how you feel about paying your taxes this year.

Myths about taxation