Know How Much Tech Debt Is Really Costing You

The principal factor of tech debt metaphor is that there are some prices you have to pay when you take shortcuts or intentional tech debts or make any mistakes or unintentional tech debts. It is also said that this cost would increase over time as long as you ignore tech debt and do not repay the interest. Tech debts are often overlooked and ignored as there is no apparent cost factor related to it as is with any financial debt where you can know the cost of your monthly payment and what it would sum up to if you delay in repayment. Therefore, it is required to quantify tech debt to know how much it costs you and your company.    

Quantify Tech Debt

There are several ways in which you can quantify tech debt and transform it in financial terms. With the help of such tools you can quantify each line of a code by running structural and static analysis on each code. While quantifying and managing the quality of code base you can find out code complexity, duplication, conduct automated tests, and find density of comment and violations of any coding practices. You can also find the tech debts which are costing you most and when to pay it off in order to prevent accumulation.

Fundamental Mistake In Architecture

You do not find out the fundamental mistake in architecture or the platform technology until it is too late or until you have real users using the system. Therefore, to know that a particular code is not reliable or you cannot scale out your architecture takes some time. This inefficiency leads to basic dependency problems due to incorrect assumptions, and to the overall functionality of the system. It is a time when you have to start all over again and rewrite the whole systems or at least considerable chunks of it to keep it working. It costs you a lot of time and effort, which once again is overlooked as it cannot be expressed regarding money.

Error Prone Codes

It is found that in almost all big systems there are a cluster of bugs and other problems and these are there due to the unrealistic release of these defective codes to deal with the time deadline. Such error prone codes are hard to understand by the users and you tend to lose them which cost a lot for your business. It is also dangerous and expensive consequence if you do not rewrite such erroneous codes.

Production And Environment

Moreover, if you do not have good testing tool then you can never know about the bugs that creep in. Such testing cost can go up with the increase with defects in the code as well as in the number of defective codes and cost you a lot of time in testing alone resulting in poor and low productivity. Your development and other team rely on blaming others for defective code production affecting the working environment. Therefore, quantify and prioritize your tech debt to pay it off just like in credit card consolidation loan and pay it off at the earliest.