What Features To Look for while Choosing Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software helps to hire the brightest and the best from the underrepresented talent pools. You’ll find many companies offering recruitment software packages, but when it comes to choose the best, you must be picky about the features and tools it offers.

Here are the top 5 ‘must have’ features for the employment recruiters.

  1. Resume parser – A resume parser is probably the most effective innovation to look for in your chosen software. This useful feature allows you to copy resumes, paste them into the software and extract basic information like name, address, email id and degree of the candidate. The feature can save long and tedious hours of data entry time every week.
  1. Planner – Recruiting industry trainers usually don’t want to work without a planner. This is a unique tool that allows you to properly plan and schedule your days, weeks and months to boost up your efficiency level. It also allows you to keep track of your activities including taking telephonic interviews, personal interviews and marketing calls.
  1. Communication – Your chosen software must have integrated communication tools like mail merge functionality and email system. Having such tools makes the hiring process simpler and quicker by eradicating requirement of copying and pasting information between recruitment software and other software applications like applicant tracking software. Integrated communication tools also help to send out huge quantities of targeted messages to your chosen contacts in your database. For instance, if you intend to send same email message to 50 candidates, every message should include individual candidate’s name, salary, job title etc. You should also be able to attach their resume to that mail. All emails sent to the applicants must be logged into the recruitment software so you have an updated and permanent record of all the mails sent out.
  1. Expertise, industries – Having the capability to search and track skills, disciplines (job function) and industries is the key element of a good and effective hiring software as this feature would save your time when you look for any particular type of candidates or any specific job order.
  1. Accuracy and speed – The built-in searching tools should be much precise. Besides, it should be flexible too. To be considered as a choice, the chosen software package should have the ability to search full text within each and every attached document, note and all data fields as well. This feature would help you quickly find comprehensive list of candidates to get in touch with or present for any particular job orders.

Why Jobvite?      

When considering the best recruiter software to be implemented for the purpose of hiring, you can surely think about Jobvite. The decade old company specializes in offering analytics-driven and comprehensive recruitment platform.

How Jobvite can help you?

The great combination of its ground-breaking full applicant tracking software and recruitment solution,

  • Enhances the pace and quality of hiring through social media
  • Simplifies the recruitment process with better and effective collaboration
  • Drives better result with customized reports, tracking and dashboards
  • Gets better candidate relation management

All the above-mentioned functionalities get done with various Jobvite products namely,

  • Jobvite Engage – Recruitment CRM
  • Jobvite Refer – Employee referral
  • Jobvite Hire – Applicant tracking
  • Jobvite Brand – Employer branding
  • Jobvite Video – Video interviews
  • Jobvite Onboard – Employee onboarding

No matter, how big your company is, you can always find suitable recruitment software package from Jobvite to serve your hiring purpose in the best possible way.