Technologies That You Should be using to Simplify Your Supply Chain Management

Technology is shaking up the world of business and business owners are moving up and down to adopt new technological solutions that will enable them to remain competitive. Just like in other business sectors, managing the complex supply chain the manual way is no longer viable.

This is because, in order to remain competitive and productive, businesses need to speed up their processes, operate efficiently, have control over their inventory and reduce operational costs.

An efficient supply chain will ensure that customer satisfaction is enhanced which leads to customer retention and higher profits. It is only when you integrate technology into your supply chain that you will appreciate the importance of the various tech innovations that help simplify supply chain management.

 What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management (SCM) is the process of coordinating the flow of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption. This includes the management of information and finances right from the producer or manufacturer through the wholesalers and retailers and down to the final consumer.


The whole process is a complex one, and it is more so now that businesses are transacted on a global scale. Thankfully, some technologies have proved to simplify the management of the supply chain and businesses that have embraced them are now reaping the benefits. The following are some of them:

•     Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID technology enables you to track your inventory all the way. This is done by placing RFID chips on each of your products. It provides a way that you can easily track your inventory in a consistent manner hence you can detect and correct any anomalies early.

What would happen if you lose your inventory while on transit? Obviously, it is disruption, financial losses, and negative branding. So by using RFID technology, you will be in charge of your inventory, eliminate and correct errors as they occur and in the end reduce your cost of operations.

•     Transport management software

Software developers have come up with the internet- based software that allows you to manage your shipping, track your distribution, organize your inventory data and create documents like invoices electronically. This simplifies your supply chain management by saving time, minimizing the effects of errors as you can detect and correct them in time and save you money.  Examples of such software include QuickBase, Megaventory, SCP, Synapse and much more.

•     Weighing technology

Traditional weighing processes are known to be inefficient, and this is why you need to replace your outdated truck scales with onboard truck scales. This will enhance productivity and guarantee safety because the trucks will only carry the maximum allowed weight. In the end, this efficiency will save you time and money during your warehouse operations.

•     Data analytics

In this age of information, the most valuable asset that any business can have is its data. The technologies that you use in your supply chain process have the ability to generate large data that you can analyze to give you greater insight into your business and help you make better decisions. These are the data collected by your RFID, customer reviews, transport software, social media and so forth. Good business decisions are not made based on a gamble but the results of your big data analytics. Data do not lie.


Using technology to simplify your supply chain management is paramount. This is because you will have nothing to lose but everything positive to gain.  Other technological applications like the use of IoT, drones and advanced robotics are on their way, and you should be ready to embrace them to remain ahead of the competition.