6 Industries That Are a Perfect Fit for SD-WAN

In some industries, simply setting up an Internet connection for each branch of your business is not enough. With more employees who need to stay connected just to use a specific tool or complete a certain task, a custom network solution such as an SD-WAN is now a necessity.

Here are six industries that can benefit the most from having an SD-WAN installation:

  1. Banking
    One of the biggest needs for a secure network is in the banking industry, which handles hundreds or even thousands of transactions every day. Hence, an SD-WAN solution is essential. Through network segmentation, your employees can enjoy bigger bandwidths to smoothly process interbranch transactions without worrying about data breaches.
  1. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
    When your company operates multiple sites in different parts of the country—or the world—you’ll need a fast and secure way to share important information. This is especially true if you have call center operations or back-office tasks that require employees to handle personal information. That’s where SD-WAN deployment comes in. With the proper network set up and configured to meet your needs, your teams can remotely access and disseminate vital records securely and easily.
  2. Retail
    While a brick-and-mortar retail store may not seem to need this kind of technology, the emerging Internet of Things is making connectivity essential. Hence, more and more retail outlets can benefit from an SD-WAN solution, which is an easier and quicker way to get stores online. By connecting each store to the same network with the head office, it’s going to be easier to track sales and inventory figures through a point-of-sale (POS) system. Hence, consolidating data will be more efficient.
  3. Food Industry
    The needs of the food industry are similar to retail—sales and inventory need to be meticulously tracked, so an online POS system works best using an SD-WAN solution. Inventory management becomes even more critical in this industry, considering the need to minimize spoilage. By connecting different branches of a fast food chain, the head office can easily keep track of inventory levels, calling for the delivery of fresh items only when needed.
  4. Logistics
    Speaking of deliveries, the logistics and transport sector can also make the most out of an SD-WAN setup. For example, to update the delivery progress of some packages, distribution centers should have stable Internet access. By setting up an SD-WAN system, you can get Wi-Fi at your warehouse easily, enabling your staff to keep records updated.
  5. Healthcare
    As hospitals set up additional off-site clinics or forge linkages with other healthcare institutions, connectivity is becoming more important. This connection is essential for better patient care, especially during transitions. These include moving the patient from an outpatient clinic to the hospital, or handing off the patient from one specialist to another. By having an SD-WAN solution deployed, more of your healthcare team can use your hospital’s health information management system, accessing electronic health records easily.

As you can see, while these six industries have very different natures, they have similar needs that can be addressed by having an SD-WAN set up. So if your business faces similar concerns, especially when scaling up, consult an SD-WAN provider right away.