Commonly used features of an HRMS software

Paper-based and document driven systems to manage organizational talent is a thing of the past. Ring in HRMS software. Many come with state-of-the-art features at an HR software price (Click here for more info) that is reasonable to say the least. But not all features are created equal. Here we take a quick look at some of the most useful features of HR and payroll management software India. We’ve included attendance and leave management system India (Click Here) as well, here, as these – payroll, leave and attendance – make up the critical/bulk of the requirements that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have from HRMS software.

Payroll automation

Undoubtedly, this is the most prominent feature of most HRMS software as well as the most widely used. This is owing to the high levels of transactional effort involved in this task. An automated payroll system on the side of a human resource personnel makes his/ her life considerably easier. So how does it work? One simply needs to key in the bare-minimum data, i.e., any changes to your payroll, each month, along with leave and attendance data and, voila – your payroll for the month is ready!

Additionally, payroll software manages statutory compliance requirements, provident fund (PF), professional tax (PT) and income tax (IT) ably, even providing you with regular statutory updates on the back end regularly, so you don’t have to go hunting for them. All aspects of payroll including arrears, loans, etc, are handled by the software. The process ends with the easy generation of payslips and reports.

Leave management system

An all-in-one solution that systemizes and streamlines the entire leave workflow, the leave management system that an HRMS software offers is powerful indeed. No longer do you have to scramble about hunting for lost leave cards or emails. Handling leave on an automated tool is as easy as one, two, three. Apply for and approve leaves easily with a single click and view all your (and your team’s) leave details in one centralized location. Leave management has never been easier!

Attendance management system

The attendance module of an HRMS system allows you to take control of your attendance by offering real-time information, letting you know exactly when you logged in to work and when you logged out – each day, every day. This information may be captured through a number of means – a swipe card, a browser, why, even a mobile app. This does away with time leakages and other ‘evils’ that plague manually-run attendance systems.

The goodies don’t end there. The above-mentioned systems are all integrated with each other. This makes for the smooth flow of information from one system into the other, avoiding the duplication of work and reducing effort.

Essentially what an HRMS software does is automate key HR functions. This serves to reduce transactional effort for the HR department, thus freeing up their time for more strategic tasks. Also, this process of automation brings additional benefits, such as insights into the organizational workforce through the data that the automated tool captures.