How to Use Error Monitoring Tools to Boost App Performance

By combining your automated error monitoring activities with the rest of your IT team’s efforts, you have the unique opportunity of boosting your app performance much further than you could by focusing solely on manual performance tracking one method and exclude the automated one.

What makes it unique is the fast feedback you have about your app – no manual work, no slip-ups, nobody to have to sit around and monitor personally. Using error monitoring tools to amplify your SaaS up-time is only one aspect of this great set of development tools.

Error monitoring platforms also provide experienced dev firms with a unique opportunity that wasn’t readily available before.

What’s the opportunity that we’re talking about? It’s the ability to listen to your app performance in real time. By simply listening what the performance data has to tell you, dev and quality specialists can learn about their software project. They can find out more about the issue, where is the source, and what keeps them from solving it faster. This information is invaluable to dev teams all across the world. And when you use it correctly, you’ll know the exact fixes to place because your app will tell you.


Knowing The Right Details Is Crucial in the Dev Game

As far as error monitoring is concerned, IT experts are now in a unique position of being on the forefront of the data and feedback from their tool. They are gaining live insights and can be quicker to react – without wasting human resources on constantly making sure the systems are up and running.

What are the right types of stories to tell?

Again, this all comes down to your social app performance systems. They dictate how far your knowledge of your app’s performance you have. If there’s a specific news error that your application performance tools is reporting, you should certainly address that issue based on its priority.


Use Advanced Dev Tools to Boost Software Development Efforts

The easiest way to improve your chances of wowing another one of your app users is by having a system that is up and running with as little glitches as possible.

Ultimately, you should start using advanced web tools – such as these top developer tools – to interact with your app, gain more insight, and learn from the metrics. Since these apps are some of the best, they will help you advance your app’s performance tremendously. By doing so, you increase your dev firm’s chances of being on its audience’s radar, providing a good service.

Social media sites make it easier than ever to follow important influencers in your industry.


Use Error Monitoring for App Management and Crisis Communication

If you’re going to make it in the SaaS game, you have to start using error monitoring at a professional, automated level. Monitoring your app’s metrics makes it possible to deal with your problems early and respond to issues on time.

However, the greatest opportunity presented by error monitoring is the ability to step in during a crisis situation. If your or your client’s SaaS is currently down or needs a major issue solved, you can keep the user base notified with transparency and exact data. This will keep the user base informed of your position and help put out any fires before they grow too far out of control.