FPV Drone Racing Tips You Need To Know

If you like flying a drone, you’ll love doing it with an FPV Goggles on. Believe us, this is not an exaggeration. The FPV is also used by the pro UAV cinematographers for taking stunning shots. But, when it comes to racing, nothing can beat the experience of FPV (First-Person-View) drone racing. It gives the thrill of video gaming in the real world and in the real time.

Obviously, you too are excited about FPV drone racing else you. So, let’s jump to the tips that you need to know in order to become a good FPV drone racer.

Do the homework – If you are reading this article, we are glad you are already doing your basic homework. Keep up the good work! Keep researching about every aspect of FPV drone flying. There are websites and YouTube channels designed specifically to quench the thirst of the FPV pilot within you. But, don’t limit yourself to the online world. Go and meet FPV racers in real life and ask them questions. When you show your interest in learning, you’ll get amazed to see there are so many genuinely generous people around us.

Start practicing but at a small level – If you want to go far and excel the art you need to start walking in baby steps. If you start running without knowing how to walk, you’ll surely fall in mid-way. You can start practicing FPV drone racing without even buying the whole system. You can just plug in a transmitter into your computer and start logging for your training hours. Simulators are of great help for the beginners. You can practice without worrying about the safety of others, equipment failure, and weather.

Get a flying buddy – After practicing on simulators for sometimes, you’ll need to get a flying buddy for yourself. When we say flying buddy we mean both – original FPV equipment and a person who loves FPV drone racing. When you get both your buddies you’ll be able to hone your skills rapidly. Simulators have multiplayer option too; you and your friend can practice together. And, you can have a race in the real world too. When you fly solo you cannot accurately measure your strengths and weaknesses. So, it is very important to have someone to compete with.

Choose DIY vs. RTF – After learning the skills of flying your drone well, the next step is to understand the parts and their functions in very detail. Almost all the pro-racers suggest building your own equipment. They say when you do-it-yourself you know your machine the best and so you’ll be able to repair it whenever needed. But, if you are not naturally the DIY kind of person don’t get intimidated by the suggestion. There are a lot of Ready-To-Fly models in the market. And, they are not bad either. Choose yourself whether you’ll prefer DIY or RTF. But, be sure you understand every detail about the equipment you are using. You can use the internet as your guide at this phase too because repairs are an integral part of drone racing.

Master basic orientations and develop new techniques – When you reach this point you already know the basic FPV orientation. Practice those, and make yourself the master of those moves. Plus, start developing your own techniques. If you want to stand out of the crowd you need to have your personal set of techniques. Everybody out there knows all the basic things. To develop your own technique, you’ll need to try new things fearlessly. So, get past your crashing fears. Let your drone crash; every crash will teach you how not to approach the obstacle. I guess you are smart enough to understand, you need to focus on trying new things rather than focusing on the crash. You can invest in a strong drone frame to make you more fearless of crashing your drone.

Get into the real fight – Enough of rehearsals! Now it’s the time to get into the real fight. Join the local FPV drone racing league and compete against strong contenders. Don’t worry if you don’t win in several of the matches. Participate in the sport with the true sporting spirit and keep pushing your limitations. Once you start going towards perfection you’ll naturally start winning. And, when someone else approaches you with their interest in learning, be that genuinely generous person you are searching today.

We firmly believe that if you are enthusiast about this gaming sport you will surely join the group of best FPV racers in the world. Keep practicing honestly!