Gaming Consoles Perfect for Your Gamer Boyfriend

One of the best presents to give to your boyfriend who is a tech-savvy and love to play video games, is a gaming console. They will love it for sure and will love you even more for coming up with the idea of giving this gift to them. However, the dilemma now is, what gaming console to choose and buy. Do not worry because in this post we will discuss some of the best gaming consoles to help you pick the right one for your significant other.

Xbox One S

The Xbox One S 500 GB is considered to be the best when it comes to multiplayer and offers exclusive games. This console offers the new sleeker design compared to the original design. Even the new controller has been redesigned to be more streamlined while adding a textured grip and an increased wireless range which gives you a better gaming experience.

The boyfriend will surely enjoy the 4K Ultra HD feature of this console that allows them to stream video and watch UHD Blu-ray movies in 4K Ultra HD. The gaming and viewing experience has never been this real and beautiful.

The Xbox One S console comes with 500 GB hard drive that allows gamers to play and store more games including classic games like Gear of War or Left 4 Dead series and more from the Xbox 360 back catalogue.  

The only downside about Xbox One S is the need for adapter for Kinect 4K gaming limited to upscaling.

Nintendo Switch

Another option to choose from is Nintendo Switch. This is the latest offering from Nintendo and gamers all over the world are raving about it.  

This gaming console offers flexibility like no other. It can be a gaming console for your living room but it can also be a handheld console thanks to Joy-Con. You can play with one controller or two, vertical or sideways – you totally have freedom to choose how you wish to play.

With Nintendo Switch, gamers can leave the house while still be able to play their games. It offers quite numbers of exciting games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Just Dance 201, Super Mario Odyssey and more.

PlayStation 4 Pro

PS4 Pro is considered as more powerful unit that delivers better performance and capable of 4K gaming and HDR. The PS4 Pro has memory of 8GB GDDRS and runs at a high speed to improve performance. It has an extra 1GB of memory for other non-gaming applications like Netflix or others. Your significant other will surely love to play games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Rise of the Tomb Raider, The Last Guardian, Resident Evil 7 and more. One of the downside is that even though it offers 4K gaming and HDR experience, it does not support 4K Blu-ray like how Xbox One S does. PS4 controllers have a good performance and it is important to know how to sync a PS4 controller.

Those are some of the best gaming consoles in the market. You can choose one and give to your gamer boyfriend for special occasion like birthday, anniversary or anything. This will be an awesome gift indeed.