Is Guest Blogging Still Good Way to Build Links to Promote SEO?

Do the techniques you use for link building includes guest blogging? If yes, hold on for a moment, because there are some facts about guest blogging you need to know. There are lots of webmasters vouching on the effectiveness of guest blogging for link building. But, the Google’s warning against misuse of guest blogging in 2017, has started a vigorous discussion that claims Guest blogging as a matter of past.

So, is guest blogging still relevant and useful for link building for your business?

If you ask for a direct answer – Guest blogging is indeed a great way to link building and SEO in 2018 and even beyond. But, you cannot take Google’s warning lightly. You should know, Google is against the ‘abuse’ of Guest blogging rather than its ‘use’. Read on to know how you can keep utilizing the effectiveness of guest blogging without messing with Google’s algorithm and your site’s reputation.

Write for trustworthy and relevant sites – Backlink does not mean you can just dump your post on any site with hyperlinks linked back to your website. Contributing to un-indexed or spam sites not only ruins your reputation for the Google but also does not bring you any benefit. So, always choose a site that is relevant to your business and has a good ranking in Google’s search engine. You can utilize guest post service from reputed company to do the research for you.

Choose a site with human moderators – If you choose to do a guest blog on your own then be sure you choose the site where your post will be edited or moderated. There are sites where you can directly upload your article; please avoid them. When a site owner reads and moderates your article before accepting, he will surely choose only if the content is good. Google has warned against doing bad guest posts just for building backlink.

Keep a balance in the anchor text ratio – Know that you cannot use same anchor text hundred times on different websites for linking back to your site. Keep varying the anchor text that is hyperlinked to your site. And, while doing this keep relevancy in your mind. You cannot use ‘pink shoes’ to link back to your furniture selling website. Google sees and reads everything.

Don’t use guest blogging as the only way of link building – Guest blogging can be your major technique for link building but don’t make it the only one. There are various ways, like reclaiming broken links of competitors, online directories, rich content like infographics etc. If you don’t know techniques other than guest posting then you can use link building service provided by SEO resellers to get the work done for you.

Don’t compromise on content – Last, but the most important point is that content is still the king. While creating your content forget about the links, just focus on delivering the high-quality relevant content for the target readers. If your content has quality, it is going to win the game for you.

Just one formula – Use techniques, don’t abuse them!