India Ranks 133 | World Happiness Index

The report of World Happiness Index is now out. India ranks at 133 with a score of 4.19. In the previous report, India has a rank of 128 and it slips down this year.  In this report, the rankings are led by Finland, with a score of 7.632. The top of the rooster is ruled by NORDICS economies. USA is ranked at 18 with a score of 6.89..

In recent times, Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman said India has made rapid progress on the economic front but economic inequality in the country remains an issue. India has become a much “better place to do business” than it was earlier, though the bureaucratic obstacles have not gone away completely but reduced enormously. “India achieved as much economic progress in the last 30 years as the Great Britain did in 150 years. It is a very rapid space of transformation….why does there still seem to be visible poverty in India?”

These present surprisingly strong food for thoughts on the sustainability of the economic and digital growth, in terms of inclusiveness. Public policy needs to be relooked at in the lenses of implementation so that the gap may be bridged.

Some snapshots of the report is presented.

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