Top 10 Internet Routers with Wide Signal Range

The absence of internet connectivity at your home or workplace is like making a meal without the ingredients, which is an outright impossibility. The current times mandate that our homes and offices should be connected to the web in order for us to achieve simple things in life, such as sending an important message to a recipient of our concern. However, majority of the anxieties regarding internet connectivity concerns mainly with the routers not working properly or missing out on sending signals within the required range. Though problems could be resolved if you acquire CenturyLink home services, in this post we will share with you the best routers that can help you resolve signal issues through their effective and wide range:

Netgear R6700-100NAS Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router (R6700)

Netgear’s solution for your signal troubles. The device is compatible with cable internet service providers and currently supports the world’s fastest Wi-Fi connections of 450+1300 Mbps. The device is also DOCSIS 3.0 approved making it 16 times faster than cable internet speeds for devices supporting DOCSIS 2.0. The Gigabit Ethernet ports available on the router also get you faster wire speed connections for your computing devices. This device is complete with all the latest and next-generation devices. It also offers 16 download channels and 4 upload channel simultaneously which makes it one of the best routers for reliable and effective internet access. Perfect for internet users who prefer HD online streaming, uninterrupted professional gaming, and download multiple files in a single go. The ultimate Wi-Fi Range feature allows the device to offer you solid wireless connectivity throughout your house. The device is easy to install an easy push ‘n’ connect the feature for instant Wi-Fi access. Additional features include compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and the NETGEAR Up application for users to manage and control network requirements through voice commands.

Card-King Wireless Router Long Range

Though this may come as surprise, however, the number two on our list, currently faces absurd and non-relatable reviews online. This may be considered fake and another type of fake reviews. The device itself is simply remarkable and works great with wireless internet connectivity. The router can easily be considered as an option for both office and home use, especially considering the fact which boasts to claim the connectivity of 30 or more devices at a single go. The device itself has DUAL-BAND to offer namely 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and 866 Mbps at 5 GHz. This results in a tremendous experience for users who can enjoy countless gaming hours online without interruptions and stream videos online. The router also features a built-in, high power, amplifier chip which can let you enjoy upper-strong signals which can even reach out to you through the basement and up in the attic as well. The icing on the cake, however, is a 2-Year –Warranty, ability to get a replacement, and exclusive technical support from representatives, offering you the assistance you need round the clock and 24/7.

Motorola AC1700 Dual-Band WiFi Gigabit Router

Motorola has done it again, their routing device features a Dual-Band Wi-Fi support with 2.45 GHz and 5 GHz operations. With 4 antennas sprouting from the device to make up for the 2.4 GHz frequency band, it can be described as one of the best long-range routers. With all being said, this results in an exceptional router which offers an extended range of wireless signals and high-speed connections that exceed expectations when compared with other more expensive routers available in the market. The MR1700 offers 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports which are ideal for multiple devices to stream videos online at the same time. The device is extremely compatible with computers, gaming consoles, HDTVs, smartphones and tablets by offering them a high-speed internet linking through your local Wi-Fi. The router features a built-in Dual Core processor and offers users tons of features like parental controls, firewalls and much more. The device is easy to setup and relatively easy to use as well. Furthermore, you get a 2-year warranty from a trusted company in the USA along with expert support from friendly customer representatives.

JOMOQ Wireless Wi-Fi Router

The idea which JOMOQ Inc. utilized to make their product look elegant was to give it a metal casing. But the router isn’t all talk and no show. The manufactures of the device gave it a careful thought and offered it the best cool down function, which means your internet signals with never fluctuate and they will remain steady throughout usage. The buyer gets another win out the deal by receiving a 12 month warranty period along with free replacements without any extra charges. The coverage for the device is stated to have the ability to increase by 3 times due to its 6x6dBi, lengthened, high gain antennas which can work over a maximum distance of 600 square meters. The router also comes with wireless encryption to stop unauthorized entry to data streams. This multilevel encryption features WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, and more. The only shortcoming through for the device is that it may require some sort of professional assistance during the installation phase.

TP-Link Archer AC1200 Smart WiFi Router

4K streaming for multiple devices made possible, while at the same time reducing the buffering time. Devices can also be connected through wired connections via Gigabit Ethernet ports. Additionally, the USB port also enables you to share your information stored on the flash drive wirelessly. The router offers support for Amazon’s Alexa, though, contrary to popular belief, you cannot control your router through voice commands. All AC, Wi-Fi and older devices are supported. TP-Link also offers you a 2-year warranty along with technical support which is available to customers round the clock and 24/7. The router also won the J.D. Power award for the ‘Highest Customer Satisfaction’ in 2017 in the wireless router category.

D-Link AC1900 Wireless WiFi Router

AC1900 offers Wi-Fi internet speeds of 600 Mbps in 2.45 GHz and 1300 Mbps in 5 GHz, essentially offering Dual Bands technology to link more of the wireless device to the internet. HD video streaming along with 4K quality video streaming achievable along with online gaming at the same time. 3 x3 date streams with support from 4 high-end performing antennas. Both wireless and wired connections get a boost due to the built-in Dual Core processor of the device. Advanced SmartBeam for the device is able to track connected devices across your home through its enhanced Wi-Fi speed and range. The router also makes use of client prioritization and bandwidth optimization through its advanced QoS. The device also supports Multi-user MIMO Technology to allow for streaming capabilities on multiple devices. Support for home network security through WPA/WPAS encryption. Nonetheless, the device takes the spot on our list through its intuitive user interface which makes it easy to setup through mobile devices and network management form desktop computing devices.

WISE TIGER Wireless Wi-Fi Router

Though certainly, it is not the king of the router jungle, Wise Tiger offers you an elegant and chic design for a router which feels like an exotic vehicle all on its own. The device features a high-speed Dual Band wireless router AC1200 offering up to 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and 866 Mbps at 5 GHz. This results in exceptional online gaming and video streaming through stronger and enhanced connections. Perhaps the most relatable function of the router is that is able to extend the range of the signal considerably which means you can receive signals throughout your home including the garage and your basement. Apple smartphone users can rejoice as the device comes with Mobile parental control application which enables monitoring your home network, control the speed of your connection, set security parameters, URL filtering and much more. Wider and stable Wi-Fi is provided making use of 4 high-end 5dBi external antennas along with 4 Ethernet LAN Ports. Users can also benefit from a 2-year warranty, and if the product isn’t satisfactory then they can also request for a replacement. 24/7 expertise available from technicians.

D-Link AC1200 Wireless WiFi Router

Dual Band features the router enable you to surf the internet while simultaneously streaming online media on the other. To make for the wider coverage area of your home high gain antennas are attached. For blazing wireless connectivity, the 802.11ac specification does the job for your. 4 Ethernet Gigabit ports connect 4 your devices through wired connectivity. Both the signals range and reliability are increased tremendously. Parental controls can also be installed on the device to restrict usage and misuse. The device is able to perform client prioritization to deliver bandwidth optimization due to its advanced QoS. WPA and WPA2 security keep your data connections secured while offering you the much-needed peace of mind. With any easy setup, simply through a push button, you add devices to the network. Lastly, the intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage your network.

Kasda AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Router

A router that offers you a super easy setup. There is simply no need to find and download an application. The router connects to your smartphone, and you can manage all your preferences from there only. What gets more interesting is that the device delivers superb Wi-Fi coverage for your entire home with a powerful transmission made possible through 20dBm plus 4 x 5dBi router antennas of high gain quality. Hence you receive enhanced range coverage along with connections that are much more stable. The pick of the features, however, is the multi-lingual capabilities of the router which is a bonus. There are over 20 languages including English, French, Spanish and more which are installed within the Wizard. This means that the router can adapt automatically to your language preferences. Important note for potential buyers and future users: this model only features Fast Ethernet WAN, and for any bandwidth specifications that crosses well over 100 Mbps then you should switch to the Gigabit model of the same maker which goes by the name: KW6516. Apart from that, there is stress-free 24-month warranty straight off the bat, and you can also receive great tips and guidelines to use the device through customer email support from

TP-Link Archer AC2300 Smart WiFi Router

The last router on our list and certainly not the least by far. The device offers ultra-fast long-range AC2300 networking with speeds of up to 2.3 Gbps (600 Mbps + 1625 Mbps) which make it ideal for enabling 4K online streaming. The router also features a Dual Core CPU of 64 bit and 1.8 GHz along with a couple of co-processors including XStream processing in order to create a lag-free and seamless experience for the most avid of professional gamers. In order to accommodate multiple connected devices, Multi-User MIMO technology is incorporated which results in steady connections without any speed loss. Also included within the package is the TP-Link Homecare virus protection and parental controls defense mechanism, which not only protects all of your home devices connected to the network but also keeps your entire family safe online. Final features of the device include an effortless setup through the TP-Link Tether App for both iOS and Android users along with a 2-year warranty and round the clock 24/7 customer support. The router was also awarded J.D. Power’s ‘Highest in Customer Satisfaction’ in 2017.

So that is it for our top ten list of the best routers you can get. Though all of the above simply stand out due to their specifications and performance capabilities, as quick note we would recommend you to at least go for a router which offers you 802.11ac (Gigabit – WiFi Support), offers you reasonable warranty and possible replacements or returns, and finally the coverage range you need for your complete house’s connectivity. The rest are all intricacies which even the average Joe will have a fun time figuring out. We hope that this post was successful in offering you the assistance you needed in making an informed decision for selecting a favorable routing device for your home’s wireless connectivity. For further question and queries feel free to write us a comment in the section below.

Author Bio: Nathan John is content editor at Centurylink high speed internet and he has been working for seven years. He writes for technology and contributes at various online communities.