14 Facts About Search Engine Operations for SEO Beginners

Many people know that keywords matter when Google indexes a site. However, what most don’t know is that there is a complex backdrop onto which these keywords fit; there are so many other aspects of SEO! Consider these facts the next time you are making choices about your company’s SEO practices.

1. Want to boost your rankings? Most rankings these days are https://, or secured sites.

2. The faster the load time, the better you rank.

3. Don’t want your pages archived? The noarchive tag doesn’t hurt your results in search engines, even though it does prevent having a cached version pop up alongside your search results.

4. No need to optimize your site map for the sake of search engines; use whatever works best for you, since it won’t affect your ratings.

5. So you launched a new site with a new URL: keep your redirects from an old site for a minimum of one year if you want to keep all your great built-up SEO content.

6. While Google crawlers can technically “start” anywhere in your site, it is most common for them to start with your homepage or your base website, i.e. www . a-business-name . com, rather than sites that include slashes and other page titles.

7. Look into Firebase app Indexing if you are hoping for people to find your app content through search engines.

8. There is such a thing as a “crawling budget,” accessible on your Google Search Console. This means that your page isn’t crawled constantly and some site pages won’t be crawled for a long time.

9. Want to refuse to include pages of boilerplate text in your SEO crawling, since they aren’t totally original? This can help your search engine crawl budget, and won’t hurt your rankings! If anything, it helps to not be using crawlers on your most repetitive pages.

10. Keywords work better if you organize them into distinctive clusters and use those clusters exclusively in a given set of text.

11. Obsessively think about what you want your page titles to be: they are worth your time. Not only are they the most highly factored element of SEO, they are also what real viewers are using to decide whether or not to click through.

12. Internal and external links are not created equal! For the best chance of performing well, link to your own website as well as out to reputable sources around the internet.

13. Infinite scroll may look good and make people continue reading (hello News Feed…) but not all the content in infinite scroll will be immediately accessible to search engine crawlers. Keep this in mind if your cornerstone content is behind an infinite scroll wall.

14. Think about the fact that paid ads are so clearly sponsored for most viewers that they are scrolled right on past, 4 out of 5 searchers just ignore them. Native SEO is more effective, and organically ranking high is really the best way to find your audience.



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