7 Reasons To Use Flexible Packaging In Your Small Business

For a small business, everything, and indeed anything that can save you money is always welcome. Today, one of those ways is to shift from rigid traditional packaging to the more modern flexible packaging. If you are not careful how you do your packaging, it can become one of the money guzzlers in your business. The good news though is that flexible packaging can change all that as you will see in this short post. So, here are some perfect reasons your company should adopt flexible packaging:

  1. Very Durable

If you are in the business of food processing and manufacturing, most likely you are looking for something that can keep the food fresh on the shelves, for the entire duration of the lifespan of the food and for as long as the customers may wish to keep the food. With the debate going on all the time about food grade and non-food grade plastics, well, flexible packaging is more trusted because it came into the market as ultimately food-grade. You can be sure that more and more people trust this kind of packaging than they do the traditional types of packaging.

Flexible packaging can withstand a lot of handling abuse. Whether it is dropped, tossed in water, thrown around, it can withstand all that, short of fire. Customers love to know that their milk will not spill if they drop the pack.

  1. More Affordable

Believe it or not, flexible packaging is much more affordable than many other forms of packaging. However to realize this lowering of costs, you will have to look into a few things, one of them being the printing costs. Talk with your printer to see whether you can find cheaper yet more effective colors that will not affect your brand looks.

Also make a habit of buying the raw materials for flexible packaging in large quantities as opposed to buying in small quantities. Since you plan to be in business for a long time, there is no problem at all in buying in large quantities for the future. You can claim the quantity discount. If you want to outsource printing, you can choose from top food packaging companies around you and save big in packaging costs.

  1. Creative Branding

Flexible packaging is like a blank piece of paper that you want to fill with creative marketing messages. Well, there is nothing to prevent you at all. It is so easy to print your logos, brand colors, slogan and other information on flexible packaging than it would be to use the same on other packaging material.

Because of the flexibility (true to its name), this kind of packaging allows you to pull more muscle until you find something that you can work with. Try as many designs as you like. They can be hexagonal, circular, triangular… name it, anything that you think will catch the fancy of the customers. You can then run with the design that sells most.

  1. Save Money On Shipping

Since flexible packaging is lighter than most of the other packaging options in the market today, you enjoy a bigger bargain when shipping. This means you can save on weight and ship more stuff at the same time. Because of the flexible nature of the packaging, the packaged products can take smaller space than one would experience with rigid packaging. Any way that you look at flexible packaging, you have to love the awesome benefits that it comes with.

  1. You Do Mother Nature A Good Turn

From all perspectives, flexible packaging is very eco-friendly. From the use of less material, cheaper and bulkier transportation to long shelf life, all those factors are very helpful to Mother Nature, means resources do not get depleted fast and less emissions on your account, which is good for the ozone layer.

  1. Keeps Goods Safer For Longer

Because flexible packaging is mostly used in food manufacturing, you will be happy to know that it keeps food safer for the longest time possible, actually for the entire lifespan of the food. This means that the manufacturer and the consumer all have peace of mind knowing that their products are safe. Once sealed, that is that!

  1. Easy Advertisement

People buy because of many reasons, but one factor that appeals to their subconscious is beautiful digital package printing. People will buy a nasty product if it is in awesome packaging. Imagine chocolate, as good as it, if it is packaged in plain white paper, no one will find it appealing. With flexible packaging, you can imprint images of celebrities taking your products, smiling babies, flowers and so on to appeal to buyers.