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The role of fleet management systems

Back in the day, businesses managed their vehicle fleets by phone. Dispatchers did their best to manually map routes and follow up by telephone. Yes, there was a time before pagers, walkie-talkies, and CB radios, let alone cell phones and global positioning systems (GPS).

But, without revisiting that history, you find yourself in a world full of technology tools able to locate and communicate in real time with widespread fleets of cars, truck, construction equipment, and more. Continue reading “The role of fleet management systems”

3 Critical Considerations for Your New Business Office

The task of setting up a new business office can be confusing and overwhelming.  There are so many things to consider and it’s challenging to determine what needs to be done first.  Combine this huge To Do list with signing a lease for your office space, hiring personnel along as well as purchasing office equipment and you can see why savvy business owners opt for serviced offices. Continue reading “3 Critical Considerations for Your New Business Office”

How to set up an E-Commerce Portal – A Case Study

2012 was an exciting year for Indian e-commerce, which capped off an incredible 5 years of exponential growth, from approximately $1.75 Billion in 2007, to over $14Bn by 2012. A lot is being written about 2013 as a year of possible consolidation for the industry. But regardless of how things develop in this sphere, 2013 will see more interesting trends and more interesting innovations in the Indian e-commerce, as the market matures. Continue reading “How to set up an E-Commerce Portal – A Case Study”

Security of warehouses

Times are tough for everyone right now and an unfortunate consequence of this is an increase in crime. Opportunistic thefts are on the rise and the workplace is an easy target. Up in the office there are plenty of computers and other valuable electronics. Down in the warehouse there’s plenty of stock that can be sold on for a profit. If it has a resale value then it’s a target. This is where security solutions can provide you some respite from these risks. however, the focus of this article is somewhat different. Continue reading “Security of warehouses”

Fulfilment services and their utility

For most retailers, Christmas is an extremely challenging time of the year. Whatever the time of year, retail bosses will have the festive period in mind; making the most of the seasonal opportunities can require considerable planning. Without good Christmas sales, many retailers simply would not be able to survive, so planning ahead is vital. So the distribution challenge is something every retailer and distributor have to face in meeting their business as usual deliverable. Continue reading “Fulfilment services and their utility”