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Managing electrical safety

Electrical safety is an issue that firms must take seriously. Thankfully, it’s now straightforward for organisations to access electrical inspection services and by bringing experts in to get their appliances and fixed wiring checked, they can minimise the risk that problems will arise. Highlighting the dangers associated with electrical systems, a report in the Liverpool Echo has revealed that an electrical fire recently broke out at a Merseyside restaurant as firefighters tackled a second blaze at a junction box nearby. Continue reading “Managing electrical safety”


Security of warehouses

Times are tough for everyone right now and an unfortunate consequence of this is an increase in crime. Opportunistic thefts are on the rise and the workplace is an easy target. Up in the office there are plenty of computers and other valuable electronics. Down in the warehouse there’s plenty of stock that can be sold on for a profit. If it has a resale value then it’s a target. This is where security solutions can provide you some respite from these risks. however, the focus of this article is somewhat different. Continue reading “Security of warehouses”

Electric Trucks

A used forklift is not a purchase to be taken lightly. If a business is buying more than one forklift truck, even more thought needs to go into the decision-making process. There are different used forklifts available so it makes sense to see why it is worth choosing an electric version. Some of the electric trucks run on batteries and this should be kept in mind. Continue reading “Electric Trucks”