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Pipedrive vs. Salesmate: 5 ways to pick the right CRM for your business

Customer relationship management (CRM) can be defined as all the actions and strategies devised to retain customers and build their loyalty. In this era of cut-throat competition when competitors are always on a lookout for snatching your business, customer loyalty is an important asset for a company. The only way to ensure customers’ loyalty is to satisfy them each time they interact with your company. Research conducted by Google and CEB revealed that customers with an emotional connection to a brand are twice as likely to purchase it than those who don’t. Continue reading “Pipedrive vs. Salesmate: 5 ways to pick the right CRM for your business”


How IoT Technology is Reshaping the Construction Industry

A lot of industry professionals believe that too much technology has already been getting between the workforce and their job, making things a little more complicated than they already are. On the other hand, there are those who feel that IoT technology is helping the industry, especially the construction sector. It promotes safety and overall efficiency. That said, here are some important notes that you should know about IoT construction. Continue reading “How IoT Technology is Reshaping the Construction Industry”


To keep federal resources from being abused by certain individuals or entities, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) has created the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE). This list contains the names of people and groups that have been excluded from participating in healthcare programs that benefit directly or indirectly from government funds. The exclusion or sanction can be caused by a proven history of committing fraud, abusing medical supplies such as medicine and other medical equipment, and exploiting resources that could have otherwise been used for providing healthcare to patients. Continue reading “AUTOMATED SYSTEM + PEER REVIEW = STRONG SANCTION SCREENING”

4 Important Things a Professional Call Center Consultant Can Do for You

These days, many businesses see the appeal of hiring third-party service providers like call centers. With their competent workers and comprehensive facilities, such firms can help enterprises optimize their business processes at a lower cost.

Your company might want to take advantage of the benefits of outsourced call center services, but where exactly do you start? This is where the expertise of professional call center consultants comes in handy. Not only can these experienced advisors guide you about the details of outsourcing, they can also help you evaluate your options so you can make sure that you’ll have the right systems, tools, and personnel to mount a highly efficient contact center for your business. Continue reading “4 Important Things a Professional Call Center Consultant Can Do for You”

4 things to check before buying a second hand car

It is extremely simple to buy a car in India today. While many people make a beeline for new cars, there is a thriving market for used cars, or second hand cars, as well. These used cars are refurbished before use by the next owner, and they also have the original papers and insurance documents from the owner. Apart from this, it is possible to buy insurance for a second hand car in India. Continue reading “4 things to check before buying a second hand car”

4 Important Applications of Microscopy

Ever since the 1590s, the microscope has helped pave the way for numerous discoveries in various fields. It was first invented by putting a few magnifying lenses inside a tube. By layering them in such a way, it greatly enlarged whatever objected was inspected through it.

Today, there are now a number of different types of microscopes on the market, each with a very specific purpose. Many of them are much more sophisticated than their humble predecessors, often employing precision linear stages for more accurate positioning and focusing capabilities. Thus, they are now used in a variety of industries in order to expedite the process of analysis and even quality control. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of these important applications in the modern age. Continue reading “4 Important Applications of Microscopy”

Why Choose Negative Balance Protection Broker?

Even though high leverage is one of the things that make Forex trading so interesting and alluring to many financial traders, it also brings plenty of risk to the table. Yes, it can lead to profit and you might earn a lot of money. On the other hand, the market might go against your position leaving you with an enormous deficit and debt to the brokerage firm you are trading with. Continue reading “Why Choose Negative Balance Protection Broker?”

Finding Homes for Sale That Meet Your Specifications

Purchasing a house involves multiple calculations and that does not mean the cost only, it also includes size, location, neighborhood, style etc. More often than not, the price that you have to pay is determined by taking into consideration all these factors and therefore, you might feel that just getting ready with the big bucks will solve your problem. However, the negotiations and considerations that goes into getting that perfect home is more complicated than that as one has to take into account the distance from office, school, medical facilities and other things like market, shopping malls, railway station or airport in case you have to use it frequently. Continue reading “Finding Homes for Sale That Meet Your Specifications”

4 Critical Tips on How to Buy Rough Diamonds

Who doesn’t want a diamond? Perhaps the gemstone best known for its durability and brilliance, the diamond is one of the most desirable of all gemstones ever! The cut and shape determine the price and quality of the diamond to a major extent. You may want to save all that money by investing in rough uncut diamonds which are more easily available at wholesale prices. Continue reading “4 Critical Tips on How to Buy Rough Diamonds”


WHY NEEDED: In our journey towards unravelling the entire concept of dry cleaning of carpets, we first need to channelise our inquisitive streak and look into the very need of such a practice.  Why at all is dry cleaning  of carpets necessary? The answer is manifold and has various dimensions to it. The very basic reason is that it keeps the carpet free of dirt, grit, accumulated dust and allergens. In addition to that, a clean carpet is always a beautiful carpet and vice-versa! Continue reading “THE A-Z OF DRY CLEANING CARPETS”