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How IoT Technology is Reshaping the Construction Industry

A lot of industry professionals believe that too much technology has already been getting between the workforce and their job, making things a little more complicated than they already are. On the other hand, there are those who feel that IoT technology is helping the industry, especially the construction sector. It promotes safety and overall efficiency. That said, here are some important notes that you should know about IoT construction. Continue reading “How IoT Technology is Reshaping the Construction Industry”


Tips about Power Generators

Modern technology could help reduce the risks associated with carbon monoxide emissions from industrial generators, according to new research from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. And the answer seems to lie in adapting the emission controls which small motorbikes use. The agency reports that this could make generators up to 12 times safer for consumers, the agency claims. Many of the problems that occur with portable generators crop up because the equipment is being used unsafely, either inside or outdoors where the exhaust can infiltrate indoors. Continue reading “Tips about Power Generators”