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Enhance your online presence with Builder.ai

A mobile application significantly improves the user experience. As a result, businesses are shifting towards mobile applications, but few connect with a professional app development platform or a competitive development firm. App builders like Builder.ai offer you a tremendous advantage over the competition. Viewers spend at least half of their time and energy on mobile devices, making these applications one of the most often recommended strategies for remaining competitive. A mobile application assists you in expanding your network. A well-designed mobile application may be quite advantageous if you seek a means to boost your company’s online presence and visibility. When you use cloud-based technologies, you can have an online presence where people look forward to interacting. With Builder.ai, you can build an app in a short period without the need for coding experience!

The following are the most significant benefits of using an app:
• Assists you in developing customer loyalty
• Increasing your web presence
• Increase the value of your company’s brand.
• Develop more compelling social networking methods.
• Maintain communication with your customers.
• Establish connections that will last a lifetime

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4 Technologies That Are Revolutionising the Security Sector

4 Technologies That Are Revolutionising the Security Sector

Technology is used in almost every sector these days. It makes every day processes far more efficient and streamlined. There are numerous types of technology available, from artificial intelligence to data software. The security sector is constantly developing, and technology is a huge part of this growth. 

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Impact of artificial intelligence on employees working in industry 4.0 led organizations

Malik, N., Tripathi, S.N., Kar, A.K. and Gupta, S. (2021), “Impact of artificial intelligence on employees working in industry 4.0 led organizations”, International Journal of Manpower, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. https://doi.org/10.1108/IJM-03-2021-0173

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How is AI used in Operations Management

Abstract: In this digital era, data is the new oil and artificial intelligence (AI) is the new electricity, which is needed in different elements of operations management (OM) such as manufacturing, product development, services and supply chain. This study explores the feasibility of AI utilization within an organization on six factors such as job-fit, complexity, long-term consequences, affect towards use, social factors and facilitating conditions for different elements of OM by mining the collective intelligence of experts on Twitter and through academic literature. The study provides guidelines for managers for AI applications in different components of OM and concludes by presenting the limitations of the study along with future research directions. Continue reading “How is AI used in Operations Management”