4 Critical Tips on How to Buy Rough Diamonds

Who doesn’t want a diamond? Perhaps the gemstone best known for its durability and brilliance, the diamond is one of the most desirable of all gemstones ever! The cut and shape determine the price and quality of the diamond to a major extent. You may want to save all that money by investing in rough uncut diamonds which are more easily available at wholesale prices.

Most people who invest in rough or uncut diamonds later have their stones cut down by professional gem cutters or jewellers into multiple pieces or simply shaped into a more desirable piece. Rough and uncut diamonds are purchased mostly by those who prefer a particular shape or cut which is not available in pre cut diamonds.

Rough diamonds wholesale may be saving you a great deal of money, but they may also turn out to be a way you get scammed. You must thus be aware of the product as well as the market prices before making the purchase. Certain tips you must be critical of while purchasing your rough diamond are:

  1. Purchase from an accredited and respected seller

It may not be the best bargain, but it is most reliable to purchase your rough diamond from a seller or retailer who you can lay your trust on and one who is professional and in the business for a good amount of time. Diamonds are expensive commodities. You may have to pay extra bucks, but to be assured of authentic product is of utmost importance. A few dollars saves on illegally stolen or fake diamonds may result in thousands of dollars lost

  1. Look for an ethical or conflict free product

Make sure you buy a diamond which is not illegally procured or is unethically sold. Try to invest in a diamond which is certified by the U.N. voluntary Kimberly Process certification program since they are mostly conflict free and you can be sure that your funds will not be used to fund arms or military conflicts.

  1. Always seek an experts advice

Though it might cost you some extra money, you might want to get company of an expert appraiser while purchasing the diamond. Another possible way is to request your seller for an escrow arrangement where your money for the purchase will be held in trust until you have got your diamonds appraised by a gemologist or a certified lab. You know you need to raise suspicion if the seller is unwilling to guarantee their product or allow inspection by a professional appraiser.

  1. Have your rough diamond appraised before and after you bring it to a jeweller.

Though very rare, jeweller fraud does occur and you definitely do not want to be the victim. It is hence in best interest that when you get the rough diamond to the jeweller for cutting or shaping, you must infact bring along the appraisal and inform the jeweller that you would get the piece appraised after the cutting and shaping too. This would prevent any fraudulent acts that may be possible.

Invest your money wisely, only then would you save the best of your rough uncut diamonds.