6 Decisions to Make When Setting Up a New Office

Setting up a new office can be a daunting and exciting process for any company. Whether moving locations or expanding a business, there are a few principles that should be kept in mind whenever creating a new office. Here are six decisions that should be made during this process.

1. Hiring Employees

One of the most important factors when setting up a new office is qualified employees. Businesses must decide what size staff is needed to perform the tasks required by a new office. Employers also need to clearly define the different skills and expertise needed for a successful operation. These employees should be hired around the same time that the new office opens. This ensures that there is no waiting time or gap in between when the office is available and when the new employees can begin working.

2. Setting Up a Break Room

When setting up an office, a majority of employees will only be thinking about things that can increase efficiency and output within the new space. While it is critical to think of the new office’s productivity and future success, it is also important for employers to remember things that may be important to employees. All new offices need to be equipped with a break room. This takes some extra planning since break rooms will require plumbing for water and electricity for fridges and microwaves. The space also needs to be large enough to accommodate all of the staff. Employers should consider these details well before establishing the rest of the office.

3. Buying and Organizing Office Furniture

No office would be complete without proper office furniture. These items can help make the new office more comfortable, more efficient and even unique. Employees need to take a few key things into consideration when buying and organizing office furniture. They need to purchase everything that employees will need while also staying within budget and ensuring that everything fits within the office. Employees may consider consulting with professionals who can organize these pieces of furniture in the office to optimize space and efficiency.

4. Location, Location, Location.

Before worrying about staff requirements or buying furniture, companies should first consider the actual location of a new office. If possible, this new location should have some significance to the company’s operation overall. Perhaps this new spot is strategically placed near a competitor or close to new clients. For larger companies, maybe the new office is being set up abroad to help increase the company’s international reach and influence. Regardless of the specific reasons, companies should consider the purpose of their new office and try to find a location that meets those goals.

5. Buy Computers

In the 21st century, almost every aspect of business has been moved online. Companies both large and small are able to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety by using these available technologies. When setting up a new office, it is important to ensure that every employee has their own computer with which to work. These computers can be sourced from corporate if there are extras laying around. Employers also may have to buy these computers new if none are available to use. It is recommendable for all employees in a new office to run a similar software in order to make it easier to share information and documents.

6. IT Services

The overall integration of technology into a new office is an important indicator of future success. Any office can be stocked with the newest and nicest computers. Without the proper blending of these technologies, however, offices may be missing out on productivity and efficiency. It is recommendable for new offices to hire IT companies such as Throttlenet to handle this technological aspect. These IT managed businesses oversee the integration of technologies into an office’s workflow to ensure that everything is optimized for growth, efficiency, and productivity. IT is focused on pairing advanced technologies with existing business strategies to help meet the goal of any business.

Companies need to remain focused when setting up a new office. There are many opportunities for things to go right and wrong. These results all depend on the decisions that are made in the process. Keeping these six decisions in mind can help set companies on the right track.