How to approach your job search?

Job search is usually not taught in schools. Most graduates are not always prepared for it. A transition into professional life is a big step, so you will have to understand how to approach this milestone of your life. 

Your approach to your job search should be as that of successful projects you have carried out. When searching for a job, you needn’t rely on friends and family. You can also make use of your natural ability and talents to make way for you. Even though you would love to be as an online essay writer or choose other job you can prepare yourself by these weeks by using the week plan here.

  • Week 1- Self-reflection: You will have to build up a career path that reflects your interests, passions, and maybe core courses from school. For you to achieve this, you will have to self reflect and ask yourself some questions. Examples of such questions could be; what courses, projects, or part-time jobs sparks joy? What key element have you strongly disliked, and which specific career paths inspire you? These questions will help you shed light as you move from academic to work life.
  • Week 2-Informational Interview: Seeking out informational interviews can be very tedious, but you will have to network with the right persons to get a better picture. You can start on LinkedIn, connect and network with people who has the information you seek. While on this, you can get a real picture of your career path, ensure to take note of essential interactions. Don’t forget to build meaningful relationships.
  • Week 3- Look towards your Network: After following through with week 1 and 2, you can commence working on your network. You can start up by writing down at least 20 companies or organizations you would want to work with. You can inquire from your friends, family, or professors for anyone working in such an organization. Ensure the word gets out there, that you are in search of a job. You can also volunteer for some activities under some mentors or organizations you admire. There are lots of people who would want to help you out.
  • Week 4- Go to Job boards: You can hit the Glassdoor job search now. You can improve your daily routine. You can also set targets such as acquiring a relevant skill. Lastly, don’t forget to set job alerts for specific keywords of your ideal job.


 You will have to focus on jobs that will improve your skills and help build your experience. You must apply for jobs that will aid your movement in the right step towards your professional career. Don’t forget that a job search can be a project so that you can approach it with the same mindset. 

You can volunteer for a job or some activities that inspire you. You can reward yourself once you can reach a particular target. Lastly, don’t get frustrated in your search. Remember, there is always uncertainty in the job hunt. Getting your dream job wouldn’t happen overnight, preserve through your career path until you make headway.


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