5 best OCR tools providing accurate text results from images

5 best OCR tools providing accurate text results from images

To take out text from the picture is a difficult task. You have to put an eye and finger on the line and pen down the words in a notebook. But who has enough time to make such struggles and spend too much time? You have to spend a lot of effort on it to extract the text from the picture. But technology has brought something amazing for us in every field of life.

The same is in the case of converting images to the text where you can instantly figure out words from images and make them editable. There are several tools introduced till now that can help the users in this regard and convert images to text immediately. These online tools use OCR technology that scans the text deeply and takes out characters from the image. So, before discussing these tools and their features, we will first talk about the OCR technology and its work.

What is OCR technology?

The term OCR stands for “optical character recognition”. It is used to recognize the text and characters that are present in the pictures. When a user puts the text into the OCR tool, it reads the words deeply and extracts them from there that can be edited later. These AI-based tools recognize the alignment of the text and write it on the screen. This makes it easy for the users to make the text editable. Top online OCR tools If we look for the best online OCR on the search engine, it is full of such tools. New users may get confused here while choosing the best one. So, here we will provide you with a list of the best online tools that can help reduce the efforts and can extract text from the image.

1. Editpad.org

You can get numerous image to text converters on the search engine, but this tool stands out from the competitors due to its extraordinary features.

Here we will discuss some top features of this online tool that are

Extract the text via URL This online OCR supports the URL so if you extract the text from a picture that is present on the search engine, you can simply enter the URL of that image. It will directly get excess to the picture present on the search engine and provide you with editable text instantly.

Download the files After taking out the text from the image, users can directly download the text from there and save it on the device. Click on the download button and it will place the editable document into your system that you can use later.

No registration All the features of this online tool are free to use. You don’t need to get registered here or pay for the tool before using it. Just upload the picture in the box and it extracts the text from there instantly.

2. Ocr.best

It is another online OCR tool that can take out text from the image and provide accurate results to the users. Users can get the most precise results from this online tool. Let’s discuss some top features of this top tool.

Support multiple languages If you have a picture having a language other than English, this tool can detect that quite easily. You are not bound to extract the English text only in this tool. This amazing tool supports multiple languages and makes the text editable for everyone quite easily.

No limits There is no daily limit for the users to extract the text from images. You can use it daily unlimited times and take out text from the image.

Secure to use This tool is very safe for users. Some people are afraid of using online tools due to privacy issues. But this online tool is reliable and trustworthy. It doesn’t keep the data of its users. When you leave this tool, it instantly removes the data from its databases.

3.    Utilities-online.info

This is another top online image to text converter that can figure out characters from a picture and make a file of it that you can edit later. Some best features of this online OCR are

Upload picture You can directly upload the pictures by clicking on the upload button. It facilitates the users in this regard and saves their time. Instead of dragging the picture into the tool, you can upload it on the tool and extract text from the image.

Support multiple formats This amazing tool is suitable for multiple types of images. You can upload the picture of any format like jpeg, jpg, PNG, or BMP. It supports every format and can take out the text from those pictures that users can change later.

No charges Users can avail themselves of all the features of this tool for free. There are no charges to use this tool. You can get the results by uploading the picture. It will not demand a subscription before using the features.

4. Ocrconvert.com

To take out text from the image and make your workflow fast, you can also get support from this tool. This tool is also full of advanced features. Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

Quick results When you place the image in this OCR tool, it scans the picture instantly and takes out text from there so users don’t have to wait long for getting results.

Read blurry pictures One of the best things about this tool is that it can read the fuzzy and curved pictures and extract them into the editable box.

Compatible everywhere You can avail of this tool at any platform whether you are using a laptop, or mobile, or tablet. This online OCR is compatible everywhere. You can browse it at any search engine and get 100% accurate performance everywhere.

5. Img2go.com

In the list of the hot favorite image to text converters, this is also the most preferred tool by the users due to its extraordinary features. Let’s dive deep and discuss some amazing features of this top tool.

Accurate reports Image to text converter by editpad uses advance technology and scans the provided images deeply. So, you can have accurate results in the end. It can even read the blurry or curved text present in the picture that is not easily readable by the human eye.

Multiple formats This amazing tool supports multiple formats so you don’t need to worry about it. You can upload the picture on this tool in any format. It will generate accurate results for you in no time.

Secure tool This tool is mostly preferred by the users due to the privacy it provides to the users. So, you can trust this image to text converter and make the content editable for you.

Final words

To extract the text from an image is not a simple task. You have to put effort into it and spend a lot of time writing the text. Instead of doing hard work, you should go for the smart work as it is the need of the hour. You can use an image-to-text converter for making the text editable. These tools scan the text and provide you with the text that is written in the picture instantly.