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Money and the ‘Generation Gap’

Money and the ‘Generation Gap’ – Prof Parimal Merchant, Principal Advisor-Asian Institute of Family Managed Business (AIFMB)

A young man, not very interested in the ‘boring, traditional’ family business, decided to strike out on his own and take up a job in a trendy tech company. Now his reasoning was that he would earn only around 25 thousand here, but at least he would be part of a trendy corporate culture, and hang out with the ‘cool’ crowd. So he started work, and with the first salary he got, decided to take his entire family out to dinner. His father had painstakingly built up the family business, and had been dreaming of passing it on to his son, dreams which were now dashed. Nevertheless, he put on a smile and went along, seeing how proud his son was to be taking out his family for a treat, with money that he and he alone had earned. Continue reading “Money and the ‘Generation Gap’”