Restaurant Furniture – Our Favourite Fit Outs

Choosing the right furniture to fit the design of your restaurant is essential in attracting customers. It adds an inviting atmosphere and adds to your image, making it an essential component to the design of your premises. Below are some restaurant furniture trends to consider for your restaurant.


The casual trend is becoming popular to those who are familiar with a more formal restaurant setting. This design aims at turning the restaurant into a more traditional home dining setting. Its popularity in urban restaurants can be due to being able to bring a piece of the diner’s home near their place of work.

To achieve this trend, it is recommended to look into more homely furniture, such as wooden chairs and a round table. Another recommendation is to have rustic furniture as both a decoration and functional piece, such as a metal water pump fixture. Certain fittings can also help enhance the mood of the restaurant like an antique cupboard with intricate carvings. Other details you can add include lace curtains and table covers with simple designs and soft colours.


Asian interiors are growing in popularity for a more authentic feel to restaurants. Furniture and other designs are used to invoke the ambience of the restaurant’s country it’s based on.  This trend is used in many high-class hotels and malls, where it brings the organised and graceful aesthetic of the Asian countries.

Furniture used with this fit out that is usually common includes large tables, four-legged chairs and stools. For those who want to delve into a Japanese design, they can use futons, tatami mats and a traditional low table. Additional decorations used may include paper screen dividers, best placed in an area to cover the restroom or kitchen area. Chinese and Vietnam restaurants can bring out the ambience of the country by using ornaments which originate from their respective country.


Themed restaurants are not as common as others. However, they have the highest potential to draw in customers due to the novelty of the design. Restaurants with a theme are usually based on a popular fictional media or other forms of entertainment such as sports and movies.  These are usually found in amusement parks or large cities.

These types of restaurants commonly make use of typical furniture and memorabilia decorations such as sports equipment or movie posters. One good way to fully utilise this trend is to invest in customised furniture. For example, you can have chairs shaped like a catcher’s mitt if you have a baseball themed restaurant. Another idea you can use is having the surface of your table covered in chrome or stainless steel if your restaurant is attempting a futuristic theme. An easy theme you can attempt is one based on a particular time period such as the 1950’s. You can utilise tables, chairs and other memorabilia which are popular in this era.

There are numerous other trends you can tap into with the right mix of furniture, fixtures, and decorations.  Head to your local furniture specialist to get inspiration today!

Bio: Michelle Bridges writes in different lifestyle blogs and websites.  She likes to go places and learn commercial furniture design.  On her pass time, you can see her painting or creating clip arts for websites.