Get That Promotion At Work With These Simple Steps

Most people are not excited by the prospect of a stagnant career. In fact, most of us enter the work force wide-eyed and excited about all the great things ahead we have yet to accomplish, but with little idea on how to get there. Getting a promotion is an important part of professional growth. It requires hard work, positive attitude, ambition and the right corporate ties. There are some steps you can take to forge relationships, show a desire for success and make promotion more likely.

Room To Grow

The company you work for, and the work you do, can make all the difference. While the word promotion conjures up images of huge corporations, this is not always the case. It is possible to grow in smaller companies where there is room for advancement. In order to capitalize on this, you must also show your capability for growth. This means you will have to do more than just complete your own job. To be promoted, you must work harder and smarter, taking on more responsibility than those around you.


Get Noticed

To get that promotion your hard work must be noticed. You don’t have to wave your efforts in anyone’s face, however. Use your positive attitude and drive to your advantage. Being positive and willing to help co-workers and supervisors can create important relationships that can help you on your way up the corporate ladder and get you noticed.


Be Trustworthy

It is of utmost importance that your company be able to trust you in a position of authority. Be loyal, trustworthy and ethical in your dealings at work. Promotion can mean taking a leadership role that requires firm decision making and taking calculated risks for the good of the company. You are more likely to be promoted if your judgment and intentions can be trusted.


Personal Growth

Personal growth can lead to professional growth. Setting goals and seeking out further job training, classes to expand your skill set or mentors within the company will not only make you more attractive as a highly skilled candidate but will show your superiors that you have drive and are willing to learn.


Apply. Apply. Apply.

All your hard work cannot come to fruition if you don’t apply for a promotion. Don’t wait for those opportunities to come to you; Go out and get them. Research open positions within the company. When you see better positions that you feel are a good fit, go after them with the same vigor and positive attitude with which you learned the new skills, took on the extra assignments and forged the company relationships that prepared you for this moment.


No doubt getting a promotion will require a lot of work, but it is well worth the effort. With these tips, you will face interesting new challenges, come away with new skills, and forge professional connections that can last a lifetime. These can all help you earn that promotion you desire.