How to set up an E-Restaurant – A Case Study

In the current era, the business which is growing tremendously is the food chain restaurants with its peak demands, it highly necessary for any restaurant to promote itself as the best place to dine. To reach to a wider audience, the only way feasible would be by providing the details of the restaurant via website. Keeping this in view, the primary objective of our website for the restaurant ‘Khao Jiyo’ is to act as a one stop place which provides insights on the restaurant highlighting it as the best place for premium consumers to dine.  

The website was designed keeping in mind the interests of our consumers. It comprises of details about the restaurant menu, popular food items, reservation of table, customer care, blogs, customers can search for any details, map to identify the location of restaurant, our social media presence provided via facebook, twitter, youtube etc. WordPress has being the backbone in its design with installation of plugins. In addition, for the booking of the table and online payments we have incorporated Paypal system. Moreover, to keep track of the popularity of the website and its reach among our target consumers we have integrated our website with Google analytics to gather the web analytics data.

Apart from providing information to the customer about the restaurant features and its inception, we have incorporated an option to gather the customer’s feedback by providing the ratings option. In the following report we provide the details insights on each of the section and technical front of the website.

Overview of Website:

  • HOME & ABOUT US: In the Home page and the about us section we highlighted on the restaurants inception its location. In the home page we displayed the images of kebab served in our restaurant and provided the feature where customer can interact with our website where he can like the image and even send his response via comment that is linked to our social media network Facebook. In addition, a customer can even recommend our restaurant via Spider facebook widget for which we have provided an option for him to send across this restaurant website to anyone of his/her friends in Facebook via send option.
  • BLOG: This section focuses on the customer specific information regarding our restaurant. The visitors to our website can give a look at the information provided and can like and send the comments on the testimonial. Apart from this, he/she can even rate on the performance of the restaurant using Rating Widget. The following is the look and feel of the same. In addition, we incorporated the recommendations we suggest to the customer which reduced the intermediation in search and it acts as a open stop place were the details of other restaurants in Hyderabad and other additional information is being provided. Moreover, the rating details are even shown pictorially as below.
  • ORDER YOUR  SERVICE HERE: The customer details needs to be incorporated, were he inputs his contact details and customer is given an option to choose from the drop down which is populated with the specific type of meal and its price as Breakfast offered at 500, lunch and dinner offered at 1000 respectively. Once, the consumer inputs his requirement, he can make his payments via Pay Now button which is powered by Mastercard, Visa card and other means. Upon clicking the pay now button, the customer is directed to Paypal were the can make his corresponding payments and the information is fed in our database. Following is the look and feel.

    The following plugins were used in designing the website

  •  Contact Form: Contact us for customers to interact with the restaurant.It is a simple plugin that generates a contact form on our website.We have used it as a suggestion box as well
  •  Easy Restaurant Menu Manager: The widget is used for updating the restaurant Menus. This plugin makes it easy for us manage Menu items with item descriptions, images and prices .Customer can also download the pdf of Menu from the website.
  •  LiveSupportI: This allows to add live support chat.This is a customer service feature for interacting online with the customer.
  •  Booking Calendar: Online reservation and Availability checking service
    We have incorporated this calendar to book banquet halls and other rooms for in a daywise basis.Red color indicates already approved /engaged dates. Customer can choose other dates.
  • Floating Social media Icon : Plugin to show media icons.We have incorporated this to for our customers to follow us on either Facebbok,twitter,Google+,linkedin,Youtube etc.
  • ANALYTICS:  Utlimate Google Analytics: To integrate with Web analytics data to track the information of customer visits and to track.We were not able to gather much data at this point of time as we have done few changes in the website including change of theme which has wiped out the initial data.
  • GOOGLE APPS: Google Map for restaurant : To locate the restaurant.The code is generated from the google maps and incorporated in the wordpress website.
  • INTEGRATION TOOL:  WP Paypal restaurant: Payment gateway through which payment are done via Paypal. This icon is present in the order your service page and it is incorporated with the Contact form which inputs the details of the customer along with the address details.