Setting up a Advisory Portal for Mobile Purchases – A Case Study

‘MobileGyan’ is very simply an e-Commerce website selling smartphones and providing consultation regarding purchase. MobileGyan serves as a platform for a variety of value adding activities regarding choice and purchase of mobile phones, in the end selling them too at lower than market prices. Our business model rests on our two strengths being surplus capital and technical talent. MobileGyan focuses specifically on smartphones and by extending its bargaining influence on suppliers, sources the devices at lower costs. Our online platform provides a forum for discussing all device based queries facilitating purchasing decisions. Our pool of editors is comprised of individuals that are knowledgeable in aspects of mobile phones allowing us to retain the richness of information exchange on the forum. Through our services we also provide pre-purchase consultancy thereby providing our potential customers valuable advice in zeroing onto their purchase decisions.

Value to user: Our differentiation lies in the fact that we can effectively track the voice of customer (VOC) which provides us a distinct advantage in efficiently allocating resources. We keep a tab on the VOC through the following channels:

Consultancy: We are providing customers with an option to send us their queries regarding mobile phones. Our pool of editors processes these queries and reaches out to our customers on an individual basis.

Presence in Social Media: MobileGyan provides a unique service of reaching out to customers by providing all updates on recent technologies in the area of mobile phones. Customers can further post and share these links on their social media profiles thereby helping them discuss new ideas within various circles. This process also helps in gaining visibility for MobileGyan in newer circles providing a possibility for increased customer base. The website can also be accessed directly through existing user social media credentials. We are providing this facility keeping in mind the ubiquity ascpect of current social media.

Live Support through Online Chat with Support Executives: Our online platform provides chat facilities using which users can directly post their device related queries which are addressed immediately by our editorial pool. This gives our website a live feel helping in satisfying user concerns as and when they arise. This facility directly strengthens our already existing positioning of superior customer service.

MobileGyan facilitates customer purchase by providing gateways to make payments and place the final order. The business model relies on the assumption that a large user base provides us enough scale to keep our sourcing costs low thereby allowing us to maintain high profit margins.

The MobileGyan platform is built on WordPress which provides immense tailoring opportunity for website development. It has the whole array of WordPress software, third-party plugins and add-ons created by members of the WordPress user committee. This provides opportunity for variation and updation with quicker responsiveness. The nature of our business model requires speed in information exchange and hence WordPress as a tool allows us to be responsive in our business approach.

Analytics: Google Analytics has been integrated into our website via a text Widget. We use Analytics in order to achieve the desired levels of responsiveness that allows us to act efficiently. Analytics helps in analysing the website’s overall performance. Data such as unique visitors, number of visits, average visitors per visit, number of pages viewed, etc. can be compiled and compared monthly or yearly from year to year. The effectiveness of promotion scheme by looking the most traffic days can be observed. The duration of visit, the favourite pages of visitors, origin of traffic, keywords and key phrases report and technical difficulties with HTTP Error can be detected. Analytics helps act as a feedback mechanism in business providing the essential data to analyse performance of business. Analytics helps in daily monitoring and monthly or yearly reporting. Effectiveness of any changes made can be monitored and good practices could be retained.


We provide an example of top 15 plugins which may enable critical functionalities for you. While you may have lots of other plugins which may offer comparable functionalities, these set are just the thing for you to start off your wordpress portal.

  1. MobileGyan business model thrives on the basis of the functionalities that it provides. To achieve this we have made use of various plugins namely:
  2. Contact Form: Used for the consultancy service wherein users can ask questions to the admin and get
  3. Cunjo: Allows free, flexible and mobile ready service
  4. Custom Facebook Feed: Adds a completely customizable Facebook feed to our WordPress site. Needs linking with a custom created Facebook App (in order to get the API keys).
  5. My Live Chat: Allows live chat with website visitors, monitors site traffic and analyzes visitors’ web activities including their search engine and keyword usage
  6. Nice PayPal Button Lite: Integrates the PayPal payment option in the Checkout module.
  7. RSS Multi Importer: Provides an all-in-one solution for importing & merging multiple feeds, making blog posts or displaying on a page, excerpts w/ images, 8 templates, categorize and more
  8. Social Login: Allow visitors to comment, login and register with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hyves, Вконтакте, Google or Yahoo
  9. WooCommerce: The primary plugin used to implement e-commerce features into the website. It creates several essential pages automaticallyAn e-commerce toolkit that facilitates the selling process
  10. WooCommerce ePDQ Payment Gateway: Extends WooCommerce with a Barclays bank EPDQ gateway
  11. Woocommerce Payment Gateway by Novalnet: Adds Novalnet Payment Gateway to Woocommerce e-commerce plugin
  12. Wordfence Security: Wordfence Security – Anti-virus and Firewall security plugin for WordPress
  13. WordPress Importer: Allows importing posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from a WordPress export file
  14. WordPress SEO: The all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more
  15. WP RSS Aggregator: Imports and aggregates multiple RSS Feeds using SimplePie (a popular and easy-to-use Feed parser)

User Account Management:

User accounts details are fetched from social media platform used for login. The OneAll Social Login plugin provides this functionality right from the WordPress login dialog. Also, user comments, sharing and all discussions make use of the social media account.

Integration Tools:

OneAll Social Login and similar plugins were used for integration.