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WHY NEEDED: In our journey towards unravelling the entire concept of dry cleaning of carpets, we first need to channelise our inquisitive streak and look into the very need of such a practice.  Why at all is dry cleaning  of carpets necessary? The answer is manifold and has various dimensions to it. The very basic reason is that it keeps the carpet free of dirt, grit, accumulated dust and allergens. In addition to that, a clean carpet is always a beautiful carpet and vice-versa! Continue reading “THE A-Z OF DRY CLEANING CARPETS”


Setting up a Advisory Portal for Mobile Purchases – A Case Study

‘MobileGyan’ is very simply an e-Commerce website selling smartphones and providing consultation regarding purchase. MobileGyan serves as a platform for a variety of value adding activities regarding choice and purchase of mobile phones, in the end selling them too at lower than market prices. Our business model rests on our two strengths being surplus capital and technical talent. Continue reading “Setting up a Advisory Portal for Mobile Purchases – A Case Study”

Website Design Plans for E-Commerce – Case study

Our Business plan:  Our business includes selling of T-shirts to the customers. However we will be exploring other options if the demand to our brand increases in future periods. Using the “Link Building” “Blogging” and “SEO” for promotion purposes. The reason for using the name Bhikari Kangala is because as we are only targeting the poorest people this name easily attracts the crowd and helps us in reaching the mass market and build a brand. Continue reading “Website Design Plans for E-Commerce – Case study”

Working from Home – Career tips

There are all sorts of reasons why home-working is on the rise: there are more self-employed people than ever, it’s generally better for the environment and connectivity is now very sophisticated and effective. Sometimes working from home might simply be the best solution for your business, perhaps you simply can’t afford to hire out dedicated office space. Whilst working from home is now a very mainstream mode of working it can still be challenging making the change from commuting to work every-day to simply walking to your home office. Continue reading “Working from Home – Career tips”