Website Design Plans for E-Commerce – Case study

Our Business plan:  Our business includes selling of T-shirts to the customers. However we will be exploring other options if the demand to our brand increases in future periods. Using the “Link Building” “Blogging” and “SEO” for promotion purposes. The reason for using the name Bhikari Kangala is because as we are only targeting the poorest people this name easily attracts the crowd and helps us in reaching the mass market and build a brand.
Functional Module:  After manufacturing, the t-shirts will be listed in the site. Premium t-shirts will be kept for auction. Customer no need to register in the site to make an order. They can order as a guest and use the given details to have an account if they want to after making an order. Different payment options will be derived for customer’s comfort.

Customer Module: We have installed “Click Desk Help Desk” for Chat and mail process where the customers can raise a ticket of their complaints or can have a voice mail chat with the support team of the website.

Revenue Module: Revenue model is through selling shirts online and through auction.

Plugins Used: Theme: Woo Mystile
Woo Mystile is a wordpress ecommerce theme with all the necessary functions that needed to build an ecommerce site. It is a toolkit that helps you sell anything

Woocommerce: A WordPress eCommerce toolkit that helps you sell anything with its already inbuilt application and options. Woocommerce enables you to easily manage and edit your existing products or add new products using familiar WordPress editing tools. Any type of product can be created including virtual or even downloadable. Can easily add variation of products through the attributes like color, size. And also specific details can be added for each variation including the price changes and even proides option to upload images related to the product enabling to the customers to see the variations of the product that best fits their needs. Using this plugin, the added product details can be easily viewed or edited and update the status and even add customer or private notes. With a gorgeous built in report in woocommerce a bird’s eye view of the sites performance can be accessed. And even can drill down to more detailed information about the top selling products and categories. Can create promotional campaigns using coupon codes with variety of discount options for specific products categories and more. Woocommerce includes inventory and comprehensive tax options with precise control specific rates and also will have options of any type of shipping methods including flat rate, free shipping, International delivery, local delivery and pickup. Woocommerce also supports some of the most popular payment gateways with more than 100 other available as woocommerce extensions. This plugin provides a detailed product experience with product description, customer reviews and related products. Customers can check out quickly and efficiently with the distraction free 1 page checkout process

Ultimate GA Analytics: It is a wordpress plugin to provide an easy frontend analytics reports in the dashboard. It helps in accessing the sites performance and understand their operational efficiency and browsing history of the visitors. This helps in understanding the consumer behavior and fill the loopholes in the process. In short, it is the WordPress dashboard version of Google Analytics. With this there no more a need to login to the Google Analytics site to analyze the information but rather can check from the dashboard widget.

WP Auction: It is a WordPress plugin to add auctions and is well supported by the WooMystile theme which was used in our site. It helps to have an easy way of adding active auctions in the site just like products. It also provides a simple “Buy it Now” button for the customer to buy the product without no more delay till the end of the product if the customer bids for more than the minimum fare that can be allotted for the product.

Add the fastest live chat, help desk, voice chat & social toolbar service to your website for FREE. Receive live chats & calls on your WordPress dashboard, GTalk or Skype. This plugin comes with a free plan.

Digg Digg: Adding a floating bar with share buttons to your blog. Just like Mashable! This helps is sharing the products in particular in the social media. It not only good in functional point of view. But the floating icons add beauty to the website.

Font: A front-end font settings option. Now go to your home page. And click on “Font settings” in admin bar and choose some exciting font out of 1000+ available!
Regenerate Thumbnails: Allows you to regenerate all thumbnails after changing the thumbnail sizes.
MP6 : This is a plugin to break the wp-admin UI, and is not recommended for non-savvy users.
Simple Social Icons: A simple, CSS and icon font driven social icons widget. It have options to customize the size and colour of the icons.
WordPress SEO: The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.
WP Simple PayPal Shopping cart: Simple WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin, very easy to use and great for selling products and services from the website.