WHY NEEDED: In our journey towards unravelling the entire concept of dry cleaning of carpets, we first need to channelise our inquisitive streak and look into the very need of such a practice.  Why at all is dry cleaning  of carpets necessary? The answer is manifold and has various dimensions to it. The very basic reason is that it keeps the carpet free of dirt, grit, accumulated dust and allergens. In addition to that, a clean carpet is always a beautiful carpet and vice-versa! It is bound to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your premises. Also, a clean carpet reduces your risk of catching diseases, more so, if you have pets. Pet fur is never easy handle, right?


Now that we have established the necessity of dry cleaning our carpets, let me take you through the process of dry cleaning. It is not as complex as it sounds like. However, it is not as simple, either. The process involves numerous steps, listed below:


As the word suggests, it involves doing a keen inspection of the carpet, analysing its fabric, the nature of the stains and other minute details which need to be taken care of while carrying forward the major task of cleaning the carpet.


This might seem a trivial step but one couldn’t be more wrong while assuming that. It is a primary step which involves treating the stains with suitable cleaning agents so as to make the stains less rigid and easier to remove. They cut through the dense molecular formation of the stain and reduce its hold on the fabric.


Now comes the herculean task of dry cleaning itself. The carpet is inserted in a cleaning machine, which has a stainless steel basket for holding the carpet. A dry cleaning solvent is consistently pumped into the container as the carpet rotates in the machine. The cleaning agent then starts working on removing the stains like a tough warrior and destroys the hold of dirt on the fibres of the carpet. Once the carpet is cleaned, the solvent is expelled and warm air is passed through so as to dry out the carpet.

Post Spotting

Cleaning agencies want to make sure that your carpet looks as shiny as possible. Hence, once the major task is done, they examine the carpet once again to find any leftover spots and if found any, they are removed using various agents.


In order to give a royal finish to your carpet, it is treated with steam so as to soften the fibres and is deodorised, to provide you with a carpet that feels as well as smells like a garden!


Carpet Shampoo Method, which seems like a really easy method, only provides short-term benefits of a shiny, light reflecting surface. However, what happens is that the carpet starts getting a tinge of yellow due to the kind of chemicals found in the shampoos, and that yellow does not go.

Bonnet Method, on the other hand, does not have strong dirt extraction capabilities and leaves a lot of soil and grime lying in the pile of fibre of your carpet. It also leads to a frizzy look and damages the fibre of your carpet.

Steam Cleaning Method is generally considered to be one of the best methods, with very little side-effects, so to say. Too much steam can however, break the bond between fibres leading to a weak and damaged carpet. It also tends to fade away the colour of the carpet and you don’t want to blur the hue, right?

Dry Cleaning your carpet turns out to be the most feasible option, with almost no loopholes attached to it, in the process. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a dry cleaner in Chicago.