Top 10 Gaming Mouse Facts

Thanks to technology, there are many things that improve our gaming experience and gaming mouse is not an exception. 55 years has gone, since Douglas Engelbart invented world’s first Computer pointing device, with the assistance of Bill English during the 1960’s, which was than patented on November 17, 1970. Strange story behind the mouse invention is that, only in 1973 mouse was first used with the Xerox Alto computer system. You may ask yourself: is that possible to invent a mouse and only then use it on computer? Answer is pretty simple, on those days computers had only one purpose and it was mathematical calculations. There was no operating system (OS) to run the software inside the computer, so there was no need of extra device for interacting with PC.

World’s first computer mouse was actually made out of wood, inside the wooden shell there was two metal wheels that came into contact with the surface it was being used on. Today Best Gaming Mice is made of different materials, there are some models which have fiber unibody, and instead of metal wheels we now have laser or optical sensors. Laser sensor allows players to track the mouse on any surface, even on glass and it is extremely useful if you don’t have gaming mouse pad.

The first PC FPS (First Person Shooter) game with mouse look was a Mac exclusive game developed by Bungie and released in December 1994. Marathon was actually the first game to feature first person look, with the full range of a computer mouse. If you want to play this game it’s now available on Ipad, so just download and enjoy the game.

The polish software developers are now working on an idea to make a computer inside the mouse. This invention is called a Mouse-Box and works like a normal mouse, but it has ARM-based Cortex processor, 128 GB of flash storage, Micro HDMI Port, USB 3.0 and even a Wi-Fi. The idea behind this mouse is to make a portable computer which you can take anywhere. Mouse Box simply provides more space and it can be used on any computer screen. You are probably not going be able to game on it, but still pretty sweat idea. Developers promise that this invention will hit the markets in near future and become one of the best mouse inventions of all time.

In 1991 IBM released an internal memo about replacing mouse balls.This memo was published to all IBM engineers saying:“because of the delicate nature of this procedure, mouse ball replacement should only be attempted by properly prepared personal.” It might sound funny, but on those days engineers were concerned about how mouse ball replacement was done.

An EPPL Post-Doctoral student at Logitech Arash Salarian developed an algorithm that gives mouse nearly unlimited reaction rate. This was a killer feature for Logitech mouse and really crucial to gamers who used optical mouse sensor. So you can thank Logitech and Salarian for the modern technology, because now you get absolute mouse reaction and unlimited tracking speed.

Thanks to modern computers programming science, there is now a software adaptor for computer mice to help people who have hand tremors. People with hand tremors have always   notoriously had a lot of problems using a mouse, because they are so sensitive, but thankfully nowthis problem is in the past. Various computer programs use computer code to reduce the effect of tremors, making it easier to focus on the object you want to click on. The software is called Steady Mouse andit has gone through two updates and is still offered for free.

Apparently back in the early days of computers, the unit measurement for a computer mouse movement was called a mickey. Using mickey’s to measure mouse seems really hokey and thankfully it’s kind of thing in the past now. As many of you probably know we have DPI (Dots per inch) to measure the mouse movement. Today there are different types of gaming mouse with 12,000 DPI laser sensors and with extra buttons, which enables the player to switch between DPI settings on the fly. This feature is extremely important if you play sniper games and you want to decrease your DPI,for more accurate shot.

As many of you already know the mouse is your most important tool, this is how you copy and paste, how you edit photos, but most importantly how you play games. Everything changes but one thing remains same, and it’s a normal mouse which was invented back in 1960’s. There are other stories and facts, which you must read in order to understand the history of gaming mouse and this infogrpahic is definitely the best guideline for Top 10 Gaming Mouse Facts.Top-10-Gaming-Mouse-Facts