BITS Pilani Team at Coalescence 2015

Bits Pilani students organized an event for the entrepreneurs in Coalescence 2015.  It was an event of competitions and inspiration. In this article, we share some of the quotes of the key experiences of this supportive entrepreneurial venture. These quotes and experiences were an outcome of interviewing the champions of activities while organizing this event.

Syed ShamoailHaque (President) :

Being the President of CenterFor Entrepreneurial Leadership, the organizing body of Coalescence ‘15, I was tasked with the responsibility to structure and plan the summit. I had a very efficient and understanding core committee who were very supportive. Well, it is never about the idea, I was very fortunate to have a very hard working organizing team perfectly executing all our plans without any imperfection.  Major part of work was done during the summers and my day started with making numerous calls to investors, judges, speakers, partners etc. I had the best time of my college life organizing Coalescence. From contacting speakers to delegation work to the team, we have come a long way. There is one particular instance I would like to share. On one particular day four of very good already confirmed speakers got cancelled. It was a sad day for the whole team. I had heard a lot about the phrase – “Winners are those who stand one more time than they have fallen”. Keeping this in mind our team worked their days and nights out and four days later we confirmed back three of the four lost speakers and a new associate sponsor on the same day. That day we learned about not giving up easily. Coalescence ‘15 has a very special position in my life and I am very doubtful if something as good as it will ever be able to replace it.  Cheers to the team.
We made it Big.

Naimil Shah (Sponsorship Head) :

Coalescence 15 for me was a very special event. Basic idea of having an event like college in BITS Pilani is that we want to see young people come up with genius ideas and a crazy passion to follow those ideas.  This Coalescence was not only for entrepreneurs but for everyone who wanted to do something new or were looking for some inspiration to do so. As a member of the organising committee I would like to say it took hard work of a lot of people over a period of roughly 4 months to make sure that the event was successful and everything was perfect. We had over highs and lows. More lows than highs but we did stick together and in the end everyone delivered and the event was a huge success. It was a great pleasure to work with the team. They are brilliant at what they do. I could go to a war with them by my side.

Shourya Agarwal (Publicity Head):

Some things never end. Coalescence 2015 was one such event. Though it has ended for most of the people, it has become a part of my permanent memory. What a feeling, what a feeling to see such a large crowd getting involved and participating in an event in which you have been busy organizing for the past 4 months. Cannot be expressed in words, let us see, I will try. I used to set my own targets daily for making Coalescence big. Despite of being busy in my startup and internship, I managed to complete my daily targets. Though it was tiring, it was worth it. My mom kept shouting at me for being busy on laptop the entire day, but I never complained. I knew, something big was going to happen in my life, something that I will cherish forever. The entire vacations, me and my publicity team worked hard and achieved awestruck targets, the best was yet to come. I used to encourage them, shout at them, at time behaved extremely rude with them; but they never argued, never complained. This was my dream team. I have never ever worked with such a patient and passionate team.  5th-6th September, best two days of my life. I missed the entire ACT, just to bring TVF Pitchers team from their resort. But the moment I entered the auditorium at 7pm and heard the cheer, I could feel the success, I could see it, realize it. That is what you call, ‘happiness’. It is not always about you enjoying, sometimes it is about watching others and feeling proud.

Shrikant Bhardwaj (Workshops Head)

We were given a challenge :To make this Coalescence Big. People should be awestruck when everything culminates to those two days of intense pitching, learning, terrific talks, and a gathering of extraordinary personalities from around the country. For me the best part was working with a team as dedicated as Coalescence 15’s Organising Committee. The months of planning and preparation were filled with ups and downs. But seeing an enthralled audience showed it was all worth it. Getting to know so many personalities and seeing how they fought against the odds and succeeded defeat starred them right in the eyes in an unforgettable experience. Glad we could bring such a diverse and celebrated line up of speakers to the students of BITS Pilani Goa Campus. Hope, to see Coalescence reach greater heights in the coming years. And Yes!!, We made it BIG. Cheers!

Neha Garg (Media Head)

Working for coalescence was the one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. This journey started in the summers. Vacation, internship and training, we managed it all. With the division of verticals, I got media (first thought-“tough job”). Even though I had no prior knowledge of handling media, I managed it with the support of our President, Syed and Rohan . After that I started confirming a lot of media firms and with each media firm confirmation, I treated myself with a pavbhaji. There was a time between 1st july to 10th July when there were very few registrations for Novatia – Business Plan competition during Coalescence and with that came a lot of pressure on me and my team. It became a case of high inputs but low output. With great team spirit and hard work of each and every individual, we nailed our target in a record span of time. Returning back to campus, our next target was confirming speakers for ACT- the conference. We started contacting them and that time was the greatest test of my patience. Finally the day arrived for which we were working from the past 4 months. Novatia and 91Springboard Idea Pitching Workshop was held on 5th September and on the same day Coalescence was covered on a newspaper with Rohan’s contact. People started calling him to ask about the details of the event and attend it. It was a great achievement on my part but a tough test of patience for Rohan. Next day, ACT- the conference started with arranging frivolities around the auditorium to welcome the speakers. As the gates opened at 3 pm, within a few minutes the whole auditorium was housefull. Speakers received a standing ovation after their speech and with that all our hard work borne fruit. As the conference concluded, so did our energy. But overall, it was a day to be forever remembered. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.

Rohan Shah (Chief Coordinator):

I remember when at the end of April, we were handed with the responsibility of organizing Coalescence ‘15. For the next 4 months it didn’t feel like a responsibility for a single day rather it was a transformation of ourselves. I can not believe how we managed to pull it off with our entire team being at different places for 3 months. From those long phone conversations with the team to those days when we were stuck on WhatsApp. Each and every member of our team was the best at what they did. We had seen it all, from getting 4 cancellations in one day to seeing the entire auditorium applaud the speakers. All in all it were the best 4 months of my life and I was blessed to have got one hell of a team.

Some of the photographs of the event:

novatia-B plan

workshop by 91 springboard on how to pitch your idea

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