#Technology #Joke on Metaheuristics

Good deed of the day! In a panel discussion, I mentioned high end analytics (metaheuristics etc) are based on the principles of LSD (Love, Sex and Dhoka).. The audience, the panelists, a group of guys with PhDs, all objected to this oversimplification. But finally I convinced the audience with the examples of bio-inspired computing….

But coming back, I started pondering and realised I missed out one factor. It should be Love, Food, Sex and Dhoka.. Specifically, if one explores the genetic algorithm, neural networks, swarm intelligence, leaping frog algorithm, ant colony optimization, firefly algorithm, artificial bee colony algorithm, bacterial foraging algorithm, bat algorithm, flower pollination algorithm and artificial plant optimization algorithm, one would be assured of my spiritual inclination about these algorithms..

The audience were guys from fortune 500 tech companies, who were working in R&D and were using some of these methods. The problem of seeing part of the elephant was then apparent to me.