Signs and Banners: Using Them Wisely

Banners and signs are frequently used as a part of every company’s marketing strategy. Marketing such as this involves large sums of marketing money and it is only fair that the company spending so much get’s the invested money’s worth in terms of exposure. It is not as complicated as you believe. In fact, it is important first to judge if the marketing strategy is worth the money spent.

The Business name:

It is as though a rule that every sign must display the business’s name clearly. The size of the name may vary as according to the message to be displayed on the sign. Also, the size of the name depends largely on the size of the sign. The name should however be clearly visible.

The Message

Every sign ought to have some type of message- it may be a promo, special event, simple advertising or a company change. The message needs to be precise and clear but brought forward in an innovative way. It should be easily understandable by majority of the target audience and should be in as little words as possible. Moreover, catchy phrases are always a plus and stand out in sending across the message to your target audience. It should be what gets the audience curious and demands action or enquire or simple wish to attend.

Some catchy phrases that gain attention are:

  1. Retail: Great Deals. Best Price
  2. Hardware Tool : Harness the Power
  3. Event: Fun, Food and Folks
  4. Financial: Simpler Solutions
  5. Auto Detailing : Refresh, Regenerate, Revive

The Look

While the banner or sign needs to look attractive, it should never be over the top or extremely creative such that it interferes with the message or name of the company. To have a logo on the banner helps remind the audience of the name of the company. Solid backgrounds are always a plus since they help the text to stand out such that it is easily readable. While bright colours definitely garner attention, specially alongside a creative design, it should never be too elaborate. Border provide a certain elegance thereby rendering an appeal to the sign.

The Size

The sign must never look cramped for space while still being able to accommodate the core message and an appealing design. While a fine print is alright, the message or the purpose needs to be enhanced in order to never be missed by the audience. Signs and Banners for new tools should thus have backgrounds which are not too colourful since it may not attract the target audience as well as a light colour would. The business logo should be neither small nor large and the name should be easily readable.

While the sign is about the design, the message is about the attention it grabs. The logo sends across a good impression of the business and a good design shows that it was a thoughtful marketing strategy involving a large budget. Think of what will grab your attention, plain text or a catchy phrase? The second it is? Get the signs that interest your target audience best.