2016 International Conference on Smart Cities

The International Conference on Smart Cities saw talks / presentations from over 30 experts across 9 countries globally. This was a joint academic effort of Swansea University, Waterford Institute of Technology and IIT Delhi. The conference was held in IIT Delhi on 22nd December. Big thanks to all the student coordinators who made this academic initiative feasible. The conference was supported by European Union, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (GoI), FI-Media, TSSG Research Group and BETS.

About the Conference

Smart city innovations are new approaches to holistic management of cities’ physical, socio-economic, environmental, transportation and political assets across all urban domains, typically supported by ICT and open data. The role of technology and the governance of the same is increasingly becoming a challenge that needs to be addressed. In fact, cities can evolve into smart cities only if they become more sustainable, and improve quality of life and economic performance. This can be facilitated through the use of smarter technology. Further to achieve this objective, this requires a shared vision of all stake holders like citizens, public and private organizations and many others. This conference included experts and scholars working on smart cities, smart technologies, their applications, strategies, and policies for valuable deliberation. The EU FI-MEDIA project, in conjunction with FIWARE Mundus, has organised a dedicated session on the EU’s FIWARE program, highlighting the benefits of using their Open Stack development platform for smart cities applications.

Session Details 22nd January, 2016

  • Session-I: 10-11.15 Smart Cities Challenges
  • Welcome Note / Moderator: MP Gupta (IIT Delhi)
  • James Clarke (WIT / EU-India FI-MEDIA project), Neena Pahuja (ERNET GoI), V.K.Vijay (Unnat Bharat Abhiyan), Steve Chan (Swansea Univ/IBM), Jaijit Bhattacharya (KPMG), S. Kazi (DEF)
  • Tea Break: 11.15 – 11.30
  • Session-II (11.30-13.00) EU FIWARE experiences
  • Moderator: Abhishek Sharma, CEO BETS and FI-MEDIA partner
  • Pierre-Yves Danet, Orange (France), FIWARE Mundus, a Global approach – Bringing FIWARE to India
  • James Clarke, Waterford Inst. of Tech. (Ireland), Experiences with FIWARE in Ireland
  • Flávio De Oliveira Silva (Universidade Federalde Uberlândia, FIWARE Brazil node), Experiences in setting up a FIWARE node in Brazil
  • Neeta Verma (DDG-NIC)
  • Sandeep Kumar, CEO, Voxomos
  • Lunch: 13.00 – 14.30
  • Session III: (14.30-15.15) Research Talks – Smarter Governance Approaches
  • Track Chair – P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan (IIT Delhi)
  • How Smart Cities influence Governance? (S. Chauhan, N. Agarwal, GDGU)
  • Role of manufacturing sector to develop smart economy (MK Singh & H. Kumar, IIT Delhi)
  • SmartCity:An integrated approach using System Dynamics (A. Raj & G. Dwivedi, IIM Lucknow)
  • Concept of Smart Village in India – Ecosystem & Framework (Sheshadri Chatterjee, Microsoft)
  • Financial Viability of Energy Conservation using Natural Light (P. Sharma & D. Rakshit, IIT Delhi)
  • Smart City technologies – Product vs Solution debate (A.Tiwari, King Abdulazaiz University)
  • Towards Smart City using ITeS (R.Mishra, IIT-P)
  • Tea Break: 15.15 – 15.30
  • Session-IV: 15.30-17.00 Research Talks – Smarter People and Solutions for the Future
  • Track Chair – Arpan Kumar Kar (IIT Delhi)
  • Designing Inclusive Smart Cities for People in Need (Charu Malhotra, IIPA)
  • Smart people for smart cities: A framework for personality and roles (Sristi, Harish & Syed, IITD)
  • Self-Sustainable Integrated Township to improve the urban life (S.S. Kapoor, TERI University )
  • Adoption and Acceptance of mandatory Electronic Public Services (Harjit Singh, TCS)
  • Moving towards a Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Information risk for digital services in smart cities (Syed Ziaul Mustafa , IIT Delhi)
  • A cloud – based mobile application for cashless payments to enhance transportation mobility in India (Arunava Ghosh, IIM Indore)
  • M-Commerce Research for Individual, Business & Society (H. Agarwal & G. Dixit, IIT Roorkee)
  • DSS for Smart Transportation, Garcia, Smart City Research Group, Italy
  • 17.00 – 17.30 Concluding Discussion

Sharing few of the photographs of the conference on 22nd January, 2016.





Concluding discussion