What Are The Best Servers For Developers

Are you developing a new site and want to get the foundation laid out beforehand? You don’t wish to have a beautiful site that is going to look great only to realize the hosting is not up to par. When the hosting is not good, a site could look as great as a million bucks, but it is not going to do much for developers if the site can’t be viewed properly.

You want the hosting to be perfect, and that is why you need to look for best servers, those that are better than the rest, and you should be looking at them for your site.

Where The Best Servers Are At?

1) Servers

Let’s start with Servers, which is a heralded server for those who are developing sites. You are getting the best servers here, an unlimited network port (100mbps), complete server support, and additional web hosting bandwidth.

This gives you a lot to work with because most servers are not going to give you this much regarding quality. You need to look at SiteGround as a viable option in the long-term because of how it is setup. You can trust what you are getting, and they are highly consistent with their updates.

You also have to understand this is the second cheapest of the three options coming in at $147/month.

2) Arvixe

This is the “big boy” as some would like to call and one that is trusted by some of the greatest developers. Many would put this at the top of the best servers list when they are talking about servers, and there is a reason for that. It is going to offer you 100% server management, your choice of software, nightly security updates, complete support, Free domain (for life), and free SSL (for life), along with many other features.

These are hard to match up with anything else because of how much you are getting.

You will receive this for $429/month.

3) WebhostingBuzz

To wrap up the list, it would be this server as it is a great one for those who want consistency and quality. With this server, you are getting around 4-16 GB in RAM, free domain name, regular software updates, excellent server setup interface, and 24/7 support.

It is a great provider and one that is loved by most providers.

How does it stack up against the other two? It can do this at a decent rate of $119/month which is cheaper than Arvixe and SiteGround for those who are wondering.

All three of these server types for developers are great, and you have to find the one most relevant to you. There is no reason to ignore any of them because each one has the potential to do great things for you once it has been implemented.

You have to go through the features and see which one is going to suit your developing needs compared to the rest. This comparison has to be done personally because each developer has unique needs. Nevertheless, the best servers you will go with is still going to be sufficient because these are three of the best right now.