Software Development Methods – case study for class

Rudioty Inc. is planning to implement a new project for managing its customer information assets using cloud solutions. Rudioty manufactures high tensile gears for sports automobiles which can withstand high temperature and stress. Since, Rudioty operates in a very niche field and the readily available COTS products in the market are not really suitable for the company. Rudioty has engaged with TechNizant to develop and implement a new solution for this requirement. TechNizant is one of the top 5 system integrators globally and has over a decade of experience in the domain. TechNizant has implemented many such applications in the same industry in the last 5 years. The business processes of Rudioty  underwent massive BPR when the first wave of computerization happened a decade back. The operational processes thus are less likely to require significant changes, except for the geographic expansion of the firm, due to which financial reporting needs to be modified. Further this has led to the need for integration among data repositories, which have been siloed in different functional warehouses. However, the processes in Rudioty is very complex and inter-connected with each other. The CIO’s team often complain about the lack of support from the top management, for IT initiatives. IT projects are often looked upon as cost drivers. The CIO’s team is also risk averse and wants the solution to have maximum acceptance among the functional management.

What software development methodology should the Project Manager at TechNizant follow?


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