Case Study on Software Effort Estimation

Consider a use case for a human resource management software. The user will be entering his employee id into the system to query and find out the number of leaves he has taken in the ongoing year, and the different types of leaves which are still available to him. Also the system will simultaeneously generate a report of the leaves taken by him in the previous 3 years.

Conduct a function point analysis and estimate the time and effort such a development would require. Mention all assumptions while proceeding on your analysis.


Potential solution range:

The function point estimation depending on inputs required in input page and output page (more so on the output page) would have a range of 20 – 40 function points. Subsequently, the TCF is estimated. TCF = 0.65 + 0.01 * DI, where DI is degrees of influence.
The total KLOC should be around 1 for object oriented programming.

Subsequently the following parameters may be estimated.

  • Effort in Man Months E= 1.4 x (KLOC)^0.93
  • Number of Pages of Documentation DOC = 30.4 x (KLOC)^0.90
  • Duration in months D= 4.6 x (KLOC)^0.26

A better estimate may however be generated using the COCOMO model for a organic project, for this specific use case.

Note on Static Multivariable Models: They depend on several variables representing various aspects of the software development environment e.g method used, user participation, customer oriented changes, memory constraints etc..

For example: Walston and Felix Model (IBM) provides a relationship between delivered lines of code (L in thousands of lines) and effort E (E in person months)

Effort E =  5.2 x KLOC^0.91

Duration D = 4.1 x KLOC^0.36